Pascal H.


For the last twenty years and as an agronomist, I’ve been managing several commercial responsibilities with achievement in different countries, whether in Africa, Asia and Pacific Ocean, connected with the agri-business (purchase and supply) and agricultural projects
I’m currently looking for a new commercial and managerial Position.
I believe that my knowledge and skills with a practical proximity on the rural side could be useful for various investors or companies who want to implement their activities in Africa, specially in West Africa.
As I’m living in Côte d’Ivoire, I could meet some representative manager already here or during their business trip in Abidjan
Sincerely yours


Commercial Director
Louis Dreyfus Commodities
Cote d'Ivoire
September-2014 - September-2017

* Commercial development: reorganized the pesticides department, consolidated its turnover and improved its operating margin; established new commercials strategies adapted to the specific market of Cote d'Ivoire and its major crops, including cocoa and cotton;
* Product portfolio development: Restructured the pesticides portfolio, introducing new products in cooperation with LDC's agricultural partners and in accordance with the HSE guidelines of LDC
* Partners and Network Development: reformed the sales team, reconstructed the distribution network (wholesalers/retailers/sales-platform) and adopted new business models to improve the visibility and proximity of the company to its customers and distributors.

Active team = 10 Sales and 5 for Operations
Operation "my zone-my network" = incentive scheme for sales team
2015 Results = sales growth +3% (6,500 MT) with 15% Commercial margin
2016 Results = 5,700 MT of sales with a commercial margin increase +4.15%
255 distributors (2014 = 120) and 3,800 farmers sensitized to GFP in 2016

Country Manager
Louis Dreyfus Commodities
December-2011 - September-2014

* Establishment of Subsidiary: established the LDC office based in Lusaka to promote trade using two LDC platforms (cotton, maize) and regional partners (NWK, ZAMBEEF, SEEDCO)
* Sales team creation: Setup a commercial team, developed a distribution network and necessary partnerships; captured local synergies in accordance of the country specificities;
* Product portfolio development: introduced a range of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and chemicals to the market; promoted the LDC “Crop Protection Kit”;
* Creation of input depots: established specific depots (both goods and services) on NWK cotton industrial sites

Active team (10) and assets (2 warehouses, 2 shops, 4 vehicles)
skills improvement, sharing know-how across the team
Market share in 2014; pesticides 3% of 36 Million USD / Fertilizer 3% of 220 k MT
Turnover performance 2012/2014 = 5 millions / 8 millions USD (25% Gross Margin)

Commercial Director
Thoressen Group
March-2009 - November-2011

* Budget Management: prepared annual and long-term business plans and undertook market diagnostics for Agrochemicals.
* Portfolio management: extended and improved the pesticides and foliar fertilizer ranges.
* Commercial management: implemented a new commercial strategy to support 300 wholesalers and 2,000 retailers, with the support of 30 sales ‘engineer.
* Procurement management: Responsible for purchasing all raw materials and specialties and for sub-contracting of production.

Renewal of the ISO 9001 and commenced adoption of ISO 14000 standards
Management protocol for the sales team to calibrate and monitor activities
DOW approval to produce Quantum® herbicide in the Baconco plant
Increased company sales revenue from $2.5M in 2009 to $4M in 2011 (pesticides).

Commercial Area Manager - South-East Asia
September-2006 - February-2009

SARPAP is a French Medium-sized private company specialising in wood protection and coatings
* Portfolio development: introduced a full range of wood treatment products and set up a regional distribution network in Asia (China, Indonesia and Vietnam)
* Sales management of the wholesale and factory accounts
* Logistics: Set up logistic platform and a showroom in Jakarta and Saigon.
> Increased company’s sales revenue from 550,000€ in 2007 to 1 million € in 2009.

Representative officer in China, based in Shanghai for 9 months (2006-2007)
* Organization and management of the rep-office with a local team (5 agents)
* Consolidated customers’ portfolio and established new business partnerships

Sales and Marketing Director for West Africa
SCPA SIVEX International (SSI).
Cote d'Ivoire
June-1996 - January-2006

* Portfolio development: developed a range of pesticides to address generic and speciality commodities / crops and countries
* Creation and management of the distribution network, on the private market
* Creation and implementation of a technical platform and services (GFP, AS)
* Creation and management of 2 subsidiaries in Burkina in 1998 and Mali in 2000

Increased company’s sales revenue from 1,2 million € in 1996 to 12 million € in 2004 for the pesticides activity with 25% gross commercial margin
Second supplier in fertilizers and third in pesticides (Market Share 30%) in 2005

Market consultant
CIRAD, Montpellier
April-1995 - November-1995

Undertook market study and diagnostics of commercial flows of agricultural raw materials (rice and cashew nuts) in Vietnam

Agricultural Development Manager
Province of Loyalty Islands
New Caledonia
January-1990 - September-1994

Agricultural Development Manager in the Province of Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia (AOC, land planning, involvement and reconciliation of local communities)


Engineer in Tropical Agronomy
CNEARC, Montpellier, France
September-1995 - June-1997

Expertise: Agricultural Food Production.

Engineer in Tropical Agro-Business
ISTOM, Cergy-Pontoise, France
September-1986 - June-1990

Expertise: Tropical Crop Protection