Adamou N.


Deat all,

My professional experience and my academic background correspond to several of the qualifications required for the positions I am applying for.

My main goal in integrating any organization is to work to foster the growth and sustainability of companies that affect the economic empowerment of the people and lead to national development and growth of countries, by limiting and managing risks.

My contribution in any new function will, I am convinced, add value to the quality of the services provided by the institution that receives me.



Head of Structured Financing, Agricultural Finance and Microfinance
Cote d'Ivoire
January-2018 - Present

Oversees the bank’s policy development of inclusive agricultural financing for decentralized financial systems; develops customer portfolio regarding investments while identifying financing opportunities in the agricultural value chain.
• Financial statement of operations ( financial evaluation and preparation of counterparty listing files & drafting of submission files to decision-making bodies.)
• Definition of financial conditions, conduct of trade negotiations and contractualisation of financing with counterparties;
• Financial and technical implementation of projects (lifting of conditions precedent, justification of payments);
• Design of innovative financial solutions (guarantees, impact bonds, financing in exotic currencies, etc.).
• Administers financing in the form of working capital and investments for 5 cashew processing units, 2 cocoa packaging units for export, and 20 cooperatives in the sector of the Ivorian agricultural chain.
• Developed mechanism for the collection and mobilization of the bank’s long-term resources.
• Collaborates with senior leadership and management team regarding agricultural finance and SFD.

Privates Investments Promotion Director / Directeur de la Promotion des Investissements privés
Société de Développement Intégré du Pôle de Bagré / Bagré Growth Pôle Project
Burkina Faso
February-2012 - December-2016

Provides end-to-end project management and direction for external consultants of Directorate of Legal affairs, Studies and Promotion; participates in the development of economic infrastructures and promotion to the international sector.
• Identifies economically viable structuring projects resulting in strategic public-private partnerships.
• Promotes private investments and structuring projects of a dynamic portfolio of investors and partners in the agriculture industry of the Bagré Growth Pole.
• Motivated team of national experts in the Bagré Growth Pole program leading to a financing agreement obtained by the African Development Bank and the World Bank; funded the infrastructures of the Nakambé dam for a grant of 6 million units and a loan of 15 million units.
• Implemented an integrated financing system including rice producer/processor and associations of fish processors by Coris Bank, BCB, and Ecobank – Burkina.
• Prepared and obtained signatures of three PPP infrastructure projects in the form of leasing; conducted business with MEBF to improve the business climate of Burkina Faso.

Manager of MFI Professionnalisation Programme and Financial Innovation
Technical Unit for Execution of the Action Plan in the National Strategy of Microfinance
Burkina Faso
October-2006 - September-2007

TECHNICAL UNIT FOR IMPLEMENTATION FO THE NATIONAL MICROFINANCE STRATEGY ACTION PLAN: DANIDA, Danish Bilateral Cooperation and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Funding,
Participated in the development of PA/SMNF strategies, policies, and operational practices in the microfinance sector; prepared the business model of company’s organization with technical and financial partners.
• Developed 22 MFI’s business plans with a total budget of more than 15M US dollars.
• Implemented operational tools to ensure coordination of existing donors and to attract new participants.

Expert in Credit and Marketing
Rural Decentralized and Participatory Development Project of the Bazega and Kadiogo
Burkina Faso
June-2003 - September-2006

Evaluated applications, managed projects, and negotiated financing plans with microfinance institutions; ensured financial and economic stability of credit applications while participating in local investments and micro-projects.
• Developed technical instruments to monitor credit components leading to establishment of credit lines with two microfinance institutions.
• Developed strategies and tools of Agri-sylvi-pastoral products.


International Certificate in Corporate Finance
HEC Paris
January-2017 - Present

ICCF is the first Mooc designed by HEC Paris in collaboration with First Finance Institute intended to Executives, to provide them strong and analytical trainings in Finance and enabling them to deal with complex & strategic decisions.
The core schedule of this programm is constitued by:
Financial Analysis
Business valuation
Investment & Financing decision
(Full completion is expected for November 2016)

Master's degree
Université d'Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand I)
September-2015 - June-2016

The course of "Public Analyst and Policy" aims to strengthen and expand the conceptual and operational bases essential to the decision of type "project management" for the public and private sector executives involved in countries on track to developing, transition or crisis. The training of the School of Economics is implemented with the support of AFD (French Development Agency)
Some themes: Corporate Finance: banking and financial markets, project financing and public-private partnerships (PPP), Financing for development and project management,
Financial innovation for development, corporate financial analysis, Management Skills, Business Environment, Globalization, Governance and Sustainable Development, etc.

Master's degree in Industrial Economics
Interuniversity Postgraduate Program (PTCI)
Burkina Faso
October-2001 - July-2003

The purpose of the New Interuniversity Postgraduate Program (NPTCI) is to help improve the design of economic policies and decision making in Africa. The sought final impact is the improvement of economic performance of African countries. This goal is consistent with the lessons learned during the implementation of NPTCI, the challenges facing African countries in the Francophone space by brought by the changes in the internal and external environment of these countries and especially the adaptation of the LMD to NPTCI. The NPTCI proposes to achieve its goal by achieving the following objectives. Train high-level economists likely to respond to the needs for research, higher education and expertise of the African countries in the French-speaking space.