Ruslan K.


Good day!

I am interested in positions related to procurement, logistics and project management. But I do not want to limit myself only to these areas, I am ready to take part in any project in which I can be useful. I like to do non-standard tasks. I am not afraid to take responsibility.

I am active, mobile, able to make connections, drive a car. I love business trips, as they provide an opportunity to make new friends, help broaden my horizons. I speak excellent Russian – my native language. English (level B), at the moment I continue to study it.

I do not have a special education in the field of logistics and procurement, but the experience that I gained in the process of work allows me to do this.

You can find more information about my professional activities in the resume.

My contact phone: +7(707)588 12 57, +7 (707) 03 66 999

Regards, Ruslan


Independent consultant
August-2018 - October-2019

Representation of a brick factory in Karaganda
Official representative
●Business services for the promotion of building materials in the market. Promotion and implementation of hyper-pressed brick and brick tile. Order acceptance, settlement, delivery assistance.

LLP "Bambuk Co."
February-2017 - April-2019

Management of the company's operations.
Sale and delivery of building materials (bricks, pipes, reinforced concrete products)

No name
June-2015 - November-2016

● Repair of motor cars (Toyota, Mercedes,) - from minor repairs to complete the bulkhead.
● Development, assembly, installation, connection of electrical panels for apartments and houses

Deputy Director
LLP "Chandler Modul"
October-2014 - March-2015

● Creating an efficient supply system for remote construction sites.
● General coordination of activities in the absence of a manager.
● Processing requests from objects. Full provision of the object with building materials, tools, equipment and other necessary.
● Search and attraction of suppliers of equipment and materials, as well as equipment and transport.
● Conclusion of supply contracts.
● Control the availability of necessary materials, tracking supplies.
● System approach.
● Organization and control of the negotiation channel, financing channel, channel,
production/promotion channel, and logistics channel.
● Primary accounting and reporting to the accounting department.
● All objects delivered on time, according to customer requirements.
● After the fulfillment of the contract, he resigned voluntarily. Reference letter.

Individual entrepreneur
May-2013 - September-2014

● Supply of spare parts and tires for passenger cars from the United Arab Emirates and China.
● Work with wholesale buyers.

Consulting and transport companies
August-2008 - April-2010

● Work in the group of consultants for the development of the BSC in the JSC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy";
● Work in a group of consultants on the development of regulations for the interaction of structural divisions and regulations on structural divisions at all levels of a large transport company (document flow, logistics);
● Development of a metadata system for a unified information system (Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
● Development of analytical reports;
● Supply of computer equipment, consumer goods, special purpose goods for state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and commercial organizations.
● Trucking, search for transport, cargo. Sending, Tracking

Project Manager
Institute of Economics and Cybernetics
February-2008 - July-2008

● Project management for the development of a feasibility study of Industrial Park. The feasibility study received a positive opinion from the State Expertise Project in Astana. The project is approved for implementation and implemented.
● Participation in the development of a methodology for the examination of concession projects and risk assessment (roads, airport).
● System approach.
● Organization and control of the negotiation channel, financing channel, channel, production/promotion channel, and logistics channel.

LLP "KazTransLogistics"
February-2002 - July-2007

● Ensuring the stable operation of specialized software systems, computer equipment and office equipment.

Computer Center at the University
March-2000 - September-2005

● Ensuring stable operation of server hardware.
● Identification and elimination of software and technical failures in equipment operation (server, network).


LLP "QNP-Education"
November-2019 - December-2019

electrical safety group - IV, to and above 1000 V

Business School, Moscow
Russian Federation
October-2016 - November-2017

MBA, specialization - project management

Courses, trainings
CBS, Moscow
Russian Federation
November-2016 - November-2017

Project planning, Moscow 2017;
Project Risk Management, Moscow 2017;

Special course
Moscow State University
Russian Federation
June-2006 - July-2006

Financial analysis of foreign exchange markets

Karaganda State Technical University
September-1994 - June-1999

Faculty of Information Technologies, CAD Systems