Pia J.


Technical Assistant
Architect company
August-1992 - Present

I am responsible for the archives and library at my place of work and have been so for many years. I have organised files and folders and made it easy to find what you are looking for.

I have worked a lot with digital drawing assignments for private and public developers – big and small, and with varying degrees of complexity.

I have many years’ experience with different project web solutions, both during the design phase, the tendering process and the construction phase.
Where I have been involved it has been my job to ensure that documents and drawings were well structured, so that all partners could easily find what they needed.

I have served on the executive committee of the company's staff association several times, where many social events are organised. The events have been diverse: DHL relay races, general meetings with dinner, yearly theme parties, festival events, and being among the organisers responsible for organising an annual party for architects and engineers in Aarhus with 900 participants.


Technical Assistant
Aarhus Tech
August-1990 - December-1994

As a Technical Assistant you work with Architects and Engineers. At school you learn to draw and construct things on computer.

The assignments are about technical drawings for both industrial plants and buildings. You also learn to investigate materials and calculate prices for tasks.

An important part of the work is to cooperate. When planning and solving tasks for others, you should be good at listening and understanding. Technical Assistants can work as employees in private and public companies.