VACANCY: Field Operations Manager in Uganda

Job Description

The Field Operations Manager (FOM) will provide overall guidance and coordination of consortium partners in the implementation of field based activities in the EADD II project in Uganda. To this end, s/he will take the overall responsibility of increasing dairy production at farm level, sustainable functioning of hubs and gender equity. S/he will also ensure that the project is implemented in compliance with the donor (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and Heifer policies and that it meets all compliance standards consistent with conventional good project management practices.

For successful execution of the job duties, the FOM should be proactive, a critical and creative thinker, a team player and able to structure and manage complex tasks.

RESPONSIBILITIES (including approximate percentage effort) & DELIVERABLES

Management and Compliance

1. Develop operational strategies and oversee execution of project operations (10%)
- Provide weekly/monthly follow-up on targets from country level and cascade down to cluster and producer organization (PO) level
2. Coordinate robust facilitation support to team leaders to guarantee quality cluster leadership and timely implementation of project activities (15%)
- Ensure coordinated, consistent and smooth implementation of project activities on a monthly basis
- Monitor cluster activities to ensure they are effectively aligned to meet Cluster Team’s weekly targets
- Review significant variances on plans and budgets as needed
3. Provide leadership to teams on operationalizing implementation plans and budgets, including enhancing compliance standards at project and PO levels (10%)
- Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within the first three months
- Ensure full compliance with financial and other internal controls on an ongoing basis
4. In close collaboration with the MLE coordinator, lead planning and implementation processes and track performance of project activities (10%)
- Ensure the result tracker develops; monthly performance and provide feedback with consultation of Country Project Manager (CPM) in timely manner
- Ensure monthly, quarterly and annual reports are accurate, complete, and on-time

Program Effectiveness

1. Provide sound leadership by sharing project strategic thinking with Dairy Production and Business Teams; and ensure these teams are working in tandem to establish sound Hub businesses, anchored on production (10%)
- Provide strategic guidance for Production and Business Teams on a weekly basis
- Establish the sound Hub businesses anchored sustainable production with quarterly review on the team’s work
2. Provide technical support to production and business teams to facilitate farmers’ transformation towards farming as business (transforming farm from a production unit to an enterprise) (10%)
- Ensure development of the transformation process and provide guidance to the team on a quarterly basis
- Ensure the number of farmers transforming towards dairy farming as business (entrepreneurs) increases at an average of 3% in first 4 months, and thereafter at 10% on a quarterly basis
3. Provide technical and leadership support to Gender & Social Capital Development (SCD) team to develop and/or review project gender strategy and ensure the entire team is mainstreaming gender in their activities (10%)
- Review and Implement gender strategies with the first two months
- Ensure gender mainstreaming on improving women and youth participation in project activities by increase at an average of 15% in first 2 months with monthly follow-ups
4. Ensure maximum and effective utilization of SCD approach (tool) to implement project activities from Project to Farmer levels (15%)
- Ensure SCD approach is fully utilized and project implementation is localized on a monthly basis.
- Ensure the number of Dairy Interest Groups (DIGs) are established and graduated towards sustenance at agreed timelines per DIG.

Partnership and Engagement
- Support CPM to identify potential stakeholders, conduct analysis and engage (develop partnership framework and draft MOUs) (10%)
- Support the CPM to ensure that the routine engagement of stakeholders is completed at agreed timelines
- Develop and maintain biannual reports on partnership framework
- May perform other job-related duties as assigned

Required Experience

Minimum Requirements:
- Master’s Degree in Livestock Production, Agriculture Economics, Project Management, Rural Development or other related field
- Five (5) years hands-on experience; Two (2) years at managerial level in a mix of agricultural value chains and rural development related projects; and a good understanding of the dairy value chain of Uganda and experience setting up producer/ market groups

Preferred Requirements:
- Understanding and hands-on experience in project cycle management; planning and budgeting; Demonstrated ability to design and implement strategies aimed at providing institutional capacity building to key partner institutions with a view to build a more efficient, competitive, and sustainable dairy industry. Experience working in NGO environment in a similar position is an added advantage.

Job Location: Mbarara, Uganda
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular
Job Level: To Be Determined
Client: Non U.S. Based Locations
Closing Date: October 20, 2017

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