VACANCY: Executive Chef in South Sudan

Vacancy Summary

  • Sector: Hospitality / Gastronomy
  • Field of Expertise: Food & Beverage, Specialist
  • Work Experience: 6-10 years
  • Benefits included: Accommodation, Flights, International insurance
  • Preferred Candidates: Only international jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Nov 24, 2020
  • Vacancy closing date: Dec 14, 2020

Job Description

To provide the client and customer a good quality meal that is as per contract (including Safety, quality, variety, temperature, quantity and on time) in a Safe manner. Ensure Kitchen and work area are clean and hygienic at all times. Ensure correct Hygiene techniques are used. To provide internal and external customer with all catering services required. Ensure the effective Planning and Management of all staff.

- Food cost control and management
- Determine how food should be presented, and create decorative food displays.
- Determine production schedules and staff requirements necessary to ensure timely delivery of services.
- Estimate amounts and costs of required supplies, such as food and ingredients.
- Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure conformance to established standards.
- Instruct cooks and other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentation of food.
- Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations.
- Order or requisition food and other supplies needed to ensure efficient operation.
- Recruit and hire staff, including cooks and other kitchen workers.
- Analyze recipes to assign prices to menu items, based on food, labor, and overhead costs.
- Arrange for equipment purchases and repairs.
- Meet with customers to discuss menus for special occasions such as weddings, parties, and banquets.
- Meet with sales representatives in order to negotiate prices and order supplies.
- Prepare and cook foods of all types, either on a regular basis or for special guests or functions.
- Supervise and coordinate activities of cooks and workers engaged in food preparation.
- Collaborate with other personnel to plan and develop recipes and menus, taking into account such factors as seasonal availability of ingredients and the likely number of customers.
- Check the quality of raw and cooked food products to ensure that standards are met.
- Check the quantity and quality of received products.
- Demonstrate new cooking techniques and equipment to staff.
- Record production and operational data on specified forms.
- Coordinate planning, budgeting, and purchasing for all the food operations within establishments such as clubs, hotels, or restaurant chains.
- Plan, direct, and supervise the food preparation and cooking activities of multiple kitchens or restaurants in an establishment such as a restaurant chain, hospital, or hotel.
- Conduct hygiene audits in the camp and kitchen including use by date and storage methodologies to ensure camp Health and Sanitation Standards are maintained.
- Personnel management and administration


- Weekly meeting with all staff and minute meeting record
- Daily / Weekly meetings with Supervisory Ops Manager/Menus of the day/needs/Problem to be fixed
- Tool box meeting + record
- Daily issue form
- Weekly menu organization
- Weekly report to Camp Manager on current operation/Action/Fixed problem & litigation

- Client representatives
- Customers

- Kitchen Works & Management
- Multi cultural food preparation ability
- Hygiene procedure focus
- English – Spoken & written (Essential)
- Proven customer service skills are highly desirable

- Cost Control
- Food Production & Service
- Personnel Management
- High level of Food Production
- Hygiene techniques
- High degree of independence with broad range of skills and experiences to be deployed under difficult conditions
- Works within agreed policies, procedures and authority levels
- Monthly reporting
- Non routine issues to be reported as required
- Demonstrate proficiency in food safety standards in the Food Code

- Self-Motivated, Independent and Resourceful, Honest and Open in communication with strong leadership skills and desire of growing

- Hospitality and Facility Management in a Contract Environment
- Minimum of 5 years of professional experience managing a kitchen as a chef in a 4/5 star hotel or restaurant, or equivalent, relevant experience is required
- Minimum 5 years of supervision experience, or equivalent experience
- Experience in monitoring inventory and supply chain management

- Secondary School or Diploma in catering Business or Hospitality
- college degree in Culinary Arts or a related field

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