VACANCY: Director Construction & Engineering - Cape Town

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Vacancy Summary

  • Sector: Renewable Energy
  • Field of Expertise: Engineering, General Management, Technique
  • Work Experience: 16-20 years
  • Preferred Candidates: Both international and national jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Apr 13, 2023
  • Vacancy closing date: May 28, 2023

Job Description

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
Workstation: Nairobi, Kenya / Cape Town, South Africa

Job Purpose
The overall purpose of this job is to oversee and direct construction projects from design conception until completion, including responsibility for project execution planning and implementation, and delivery of project according to agreed schedule and approved project budgets. Job purpose includes review of all design layout drawings at key stages of design, development and execution to ensure compliance with authorities’ and company requirements. The position is also responsible for ensuring the construction of new power plants that operate safely and efficiently.

Key duties and responsibilities
a) Work closely with the Development Team to optimise new projects from a design and construction standpoint, to ensure that:
o the plant design being proposed is the most appropriate
o the procurement strategy adequately balances risk and price
o Adequate technical expertise is mobilised when appropriate to support design & procurement
b) Lead the procurement process of specialist contractors that will participate in completion of the project work.
o Recruit Engineering firm that will support the tendering process
o Advise on the selection of materials used and other aspects of procurement.
c) Lead the Project Implementation Teams in the construction phase to support project delivery on time and budget and at required quality, as well as ensuring a smooth handover / transition of projects from the construction into the O&M phase.
o Recruit and organise the Project Implementation Team, including selection of the project site construction manager and an H&S manager
o Support the construction manager and regularly visit the construction site
o Coordinate with the O&M manager to make sure there is a smooth handover
d) Inculcate a safety culture in the offices, construction sites and during operation and maintenance of the plants.
o Ensure there are zero fatalities and no accidents in projects under construction
e) Review and manage all contracts relating to the sites under construction to ensure compliance by the company's obligations and the other contract parties respectively.
f) Day-to-day client management of internal and external stakeholders and clients for the portfolio of projects under construction.
g) Oversee conduct of financial, technical and operational risk assessments and advising on risks, opportunities and potential hazards.
h) Liaise with the Safety, Health, Environment and Community (SHEC) team to ensure relevant business activities such as land acquisition and processing of permits, licences, and approvals through government offices within the project jurisdictions are undertaken within the parameters of our business/company ethics.
i) Coordinate with the SHEC Director to ensure the goodwill to operate is secured from local community/stakeholders for each project.
j) Responsible for monthly progress reports to the Management Team, and quarterly and annual reporting to the Board and the Shareholders.
k) Interface with the company site construction manager (and if needed with staff/contractors on site) on the challenges, designs, progress etc.
l) Liaise with SHEC and site construction manager to ensure timely and procedural delivery of relevant Permits, Licences and Approvals including the Environmental permits.
m) Keep up to date with changing building legislation and codes of practice relating to design and construction.
n) Ensure structural drawings and designs are produced on time, to a high quality, and are easy to decipher.

Occasional duties:
 Technical lead on specifics of the project

Working relationships
Internal Relationships: Strong Relations with the Development Team, Country Management, Executive Management Committee, and the larger Team.
External Relationships: Contractors, Suppliers, Project partners, Developers, Government Officials and Community Liaison Officers
Knowledge, experience, and qualifications required
 Degree in Engineering (Mechanical/Civil)
 At least 20 years relevant experience in the construction industry drawn from EPC delivery, project management consultancy.
 Must possess construction experience in construction of renewable energy plants, including from Sub-Saharan African countries
 Extensive travel is required
 Current Registration or membership with relevant regulatory body


Technical Skills
 Understanding of Construction techniques; with ability to oversee 4-6 construction projects at various stages simultaneously;
 Strong project management skills;
 Competent in the use of Microsoft Office suite of software;
 Supervisory skills;
 Excellent report writing and presentation skills;
 Clear thinker with strong quantitative and qualitative skills in the preparation of concise risk analysis;
 Budgeting skills;
 Safety skills; and
 Commercial awareness including EPC contract management.

Behavioural Skills
 Excellent communicator who is clear and fluent in English, both written and spoken;
 Strong interpersonal skills with demonstrated stakeholder management capabilities;
 Effective collaborator and positive influencer;
 Strong facilitation and organisational capabilities;
 Strong work ethic coupled with a pragmatic, flexible and inclusive approach;
 Highly motivated individual with a pro-active and hands-on approach to problem solving;
 Able to travel up to 70% of the time to domestic and international locations;
 Ability to build confidence and credibility within the stakeholders; and
 Problem solver

Responsibility for finances and physical assets
 The job holder has responsibility for preparing and overseeing the construction budget.

Decision making
 The job holder has final authority on key decisions in the department

 The job holder has access to confidential information relating to the company
Working Conditions

Working Environment: The job is exposed to heat, cold, noise and fumes but PPE is provided.
Job Hazards: The job has noticeable construction hazards.

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