VACANCY: Implementation Manager in Sierra Leone

Vacancy Summary

  • Sector: Agriculture, Agronomy, Business Services
  • Field of Expertise: General Management, HR / Training, Operations
  • Work Experience: 3-5 years
  • Preferred Candidates: Both international and national jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Apr 25, 2017
  • Vacancy closing date: Jun 09, 2017

Job Description

About the job
The implementation manager is responsible for implementing the TAF Smallholder Oil Palm Support Follow on Project in Daru Sierra Leone. This project is being executed by a consortium of Enclude (Netherlands)/WARC since March 2016, at the facilities of Goldtree in Daru. TAF is managed by Technoserve and primarily funded by the EU and IFAD.
The project aims to sustainably increase the incomes of smallholder oil palm farmers within a 40km radius of the Goldtree oil palm processing mill. The project is predominantly focused on strengthening the system for farmer organisations and improving services to oil palm growers on a sustainable basis. In addition, the project is developing and implementing a replanting strategy to increase outgrower supply to the mill. The project will end by the end of March 2018 with the potential for the Implementation Manager to shift to an extended contract with Goldtree, depending on performance and the availability of company funds.
The main duty of the Implementation Manager is to implement the TAF project, supervise and manage a team of extension officers and facilitate the data collection for the project. The Implementation Manager will work closely with Goldtree’s team in Daru, and supervises up to 14 extension officers.

Main responsibilities
• Recruit and train extension officers to improve their soft skills (effective communication, team work, facilitation) as well as technical skills (agronomy and business)
• Plan and facilitate meetings with farmers and extension officers
• Coordinate and support a network of extension officers, including supervising farmer training and data collection activities
• Administration of the expenses of the project, including budget and cash flow management
• Set up and execute an exit strategy to ensure project sustainability
• Liaise with project stakeholders and report on project progress to WARC/Enclude and project donors

More specifically
• Continue with organising the farmers in groups of 7-15 farmers, so far 126 groups are already formed, consisting of in total 2030 farmers
• The meetings are held weekly per group, the extension managers monitor progress continuously and serve as intermediaries between the company/project staff, financiers and smallholders
• Trainings to the extension officers on three modules:
o Agronomic practices: farming processes and plantation management strictly following RSPO practices and guidelines
o Organizational / Management: organizational structure, farmer organization, coaching and mentoring to execute trainings
o Planning: introduce basic planning tools to increase operational efficiency and ensure that harvesting is coordinated with logistics service providers to avoid FFB rotting
o Financial planning: introduce basic financial management tools, to support farmers and eep records on expenses, labor inputs and outputs
• A centralized, mobile-enabled monitoring and planning tool managed by the implementation manager will facilitate the link between the farmers, service providers, and the company/bank. The extension officers will collect field information with their mobiles using Enclude’s technology in order to feed the DB with up to date field information. The Implementation will oversee and support training and monitoring of extension officers to implement the tool.

The ideal candidate will have:
• Background in agronomy or agricultural science, or a related discipline, and 1-4 years field-based experience;
• Experience delivering agricultural extension services, preferably in palm oil and in Africa;
• Strong abilities in team management, and motivating and training staff;
• Demonstrated experience implementing donor funded programmes, including workplan and budget management, donor reporting and M&E;
• Experience working in or with the private sector;
• Ability to structure and manage complex tasks and experience in work planning and activity budgeting
• Willingness and ability to spend an extended period in a rural and remote environment;
• Enjoyment and demonstrated record of success in working independently and managing your own tasks and time;
• Previous live/work experience in a developing country;
• Excellent communication skills and gift for bringing people together and facilitating meetings;
• English fluency, both in speaking and writing.

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