VACANCY: General Manager MTR in Rwanda

Maris Africa , Rwanda , Kigali

Vacancy Summary

  • Sector: Business Services
  • Field of Expertise: Business Development, General Management, Sales
  • Work Experience: 3-5 years
  • Salary: USD 2000 - 3000
  • Gross / Nett: Nett
  • Benefits included: Accommodation, Bonus, Flights, International insurance, Transport
  • Preferred Candidates: Both international and national jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Aug 24, 2018
  • Vacancy closing date: Oct 08, 2018

Job Description

MTR is based in Kigali, Rwanda and is the only authorised dealer for JCB equipment and power generation products, Kaeser Air Compressors, Parker-Racor Filtration Solutions, MSB Rock Breakers Hammers and Apolloinfra Batching Plants.

MTR is looking for a General Manager who will be responsible for the overall business, comprising sales & marketing of branded OEM machinery, after sales service & support, administration & finance and HR. Answerable to a board of directors, the General Manager will also be involved in the formulation of company strategy and planning, the presentation of business plans and the review of performance versus budget over time. The General Manager will have strong commercial skills, excellent communication abilities and proven management experience. He/she will run the business with shareholder value and return on investment in mind, whilst at all times ensuring employee welfare and duty of care. The position must apply constant effort and focus on increasing market share of the company within the most profitable market segments. Will require a high degree of numeracy and literacy.

1. Overall management of all company departments.
2. Effective execution of board strategy, ensuring that company objectives are being achieved.
3. Custodian and representative of the company’s culture and ethics.
4. Responsible for all subordinate personnel within the company.
5. Responsible for the overall performance of the company.

The duties of the General Manager include:

• To maintain and build, where necessary, an appropriate and effective management team and departments in order to pursue the business objective as effectively and efficiently as possible.
• Through each department of the company, to manage the entire business process of selling and marketing a variety of OEM products in Rwanda.
• To manage the sales and marketing function through his Sales and Marketing team, ensuring that appropriate sales and marketing strategies, systems and personnel are in place in line within approved budgets.
• To manage the after sales service function through his After-Sales team, ensuring appropriate after sales strategies, systems and personnel are in place in line with approved budgets.
• To manage the admin, finance & HR functions through a properly established back-office, ensuring that appropriate systems of control and personnel are in place, able to support the core business of selling company products and services.
• To manage and oversee ordering and order planning, while monitoring at all times the company’s outstanding account with the OEM and projected cash inflows and outflows.
• To apply sound business, sales and after-sales principles & strategies to all parts of the business to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
• To ensure establishment and maintenance of appropriate company administration systems, controls and processes.
• To ensure appropriate reporting systems are in place to communicate performance of the ongoing business to the board and to shareholders on an as-need basis.

Through the Sales & Marketing team:
• To ensure the development and implementation of a comprehensive sales strategy to maximize market penetration and market share.
• To ensure a strong sales culture is established and maintained which remains fully committed to the company’s goals.
• To ensure the review and measurability of performance within the sales and marketing department on a regular basis.
• To ensure that monthly and annual sales targets for the sales teams are established and measured.
• To ensure that sales forecasts are compiled on an as-need basis and integrated with the company’s financial budgeting.
• To ensure appropriate submission and progressing of quotations.
• To oversee machine or product costing, pricing and margin calculations, at all times ensuring maintenance of the most robust sales margin possible. To make sure this information is distributed on a need-to-know basis to appropriate members of the management team and kept confidential.
• To assist in the management and execution of larger accounts and proposals. Ensuring that the influence and persuasiveness of the General Manager is deployed where and when necessary.

Through the After-Sales team:
• To ensure the development and implementation of a comprehensive after-sales strategy to maximize market penetration, market share, brand recognition and ultimately profitability.
• To ensure the establishment and development of appropriate human resources, equipment and systems within after-sales, across the appropriate geographies in order to best cater to the needs of existing company customers, within established budgets.
• To ensure and oversee appropriate marketing and promotional campaigns for after-sales products and services to further advance the reputation of company products.
• To ensure After-Sales Department personnel are receiving appropriate training in order to carry out their functions and to best serve the needs of the customer.

Through the Finance and Administration team, with particular focus on developing a close working relationship with his Finance Manager or Chief Accountant:
• To ensure appropriate financial controls and reporting systems for the company are in place.
• To ensure effective administration and back office functions within an appropriate budget are in place, in support of the business.
• To ensure effective pricing of products and services, and maintenance of the highest margins possible for greatest market share. Where appropriate, to analyze the effect of pricing campaigns and to instigate such campaigns where market share can be gained.
• To be constantly vigilant with regards to overheads or SG&A and to keep such costs to the minimum whilst not compromising the essential functionality of departments within the business.
• To ensure appropriate staffing levels and management levels, within budgets. To ensure staff and management are fully engaged and committed to the company’s goals.
• To analyze investment opportunities, expansions, investments in machinery, equipment or staff, ensuring that return on investment of any such activities is fully understood.
• To maintain close working relationships with local and international commercial banks and other financial or trade/finance institutions, and analyzing potential opportunities to raise or to re-service debt or trade finance, ensuring the best deal for the company.
• To have a firm grasp and understanding at any one time of all company financials and financial risks, particularly currency risk and any such exposure. To work with the tools at his disposal as well as any external financial institutions to remove or to at least mitigate such risks.

• To analyze market statistics and interpret trends and industry developments.
• To manage the development of appropriate sales and marketing strategies.
• To develop appropriate expansion strategies for the company and its products, in line with budgets and shareholder expectations.
• To identify further potential geographies in which to sell company products.
• To identify niche markets for the company.
• To analyze future investment opportunities, partnerships, mergers or acquisitions and the return on investment of such opportunities.

• Authorization of expenditure and actions as per the limits of authority.
• To adhere to ethical principles of behavior at all times and ensure subordinates follow by example.
• Undertake any other duty as requested by his superior or the company, which might include areas of activity beyond the scope of the company.

• Extensive industry and product knowledge.
• Proven commercial competencies with strong negotiating and closing skills.
• Ability to strategize and to recognize expansion opportunities.
• Proven management competence.
• IT literate especially in Word, Excel and Powerpoint, with particular emphasis on Excel.
• Personable and confident personality with good people skills.
• Recognized appropriate qualification to degree level.

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