VACANCY: Project Liaison Officer in Rwanda

Job Description

The Access to Finance Rwanda Project Liaison Officer, under the management of the Enterprise Dev. & Agribusiness, will provide technical support to function across the Country program and, as such, work in close collaboration with respective projects of Heifer International Rwanda across the country. To this end, he/she will mobilize farmer co-operatives, provide technical assistance, train and coach, and report on the progress of activity implementation. He /She will train farmer cooperatives on how to use the cloud service and the e-wallet system with efficiency and effectiveness of the project framework, and ensure that key outcomes are properly tracked and reported. He/She will also work with the team to build capacity on the use of software and key performance indicators; analyze monthly data, and support training in quality assurance methods. The Officer will lead the process working with partners in strengthening their Information System, prepare periodic reports and promote programmatic learning.

Essential Character Traits:
Respect, accountability, courage, excellence, analytical ability, interpersonal skills and proactive problem solving.

Responsibilities & Deliverables
(including approximate percentage of effort)

Required Skills
Program Effectiveness (40%)

- Provide technical support to the farmer cooperative management to understand and implement the cloud service and the e-wallet system.
- Support the farmer cooperative management to facilitate smallholder farmers to easily access financial services.
- Respond to smallholder payment constraints and make interventions through the close monitoring of the operations, and projects weaknesses and strength

- Assist the Agribusiness management in the mobilization of the farmer’s cooperatives to ensure effectiveness and efficient operations on both the cloud service and the e-wallet system by 2018.
- Mobilize 7,500 farmers to have livestock insurance by 2018.
- Implement new financial management system to use 20 Milk Collection Centers (MCCs) by 2018
- Set-up electronic cloud based platform to facilitate farmer access to credit by 2018.
- Create and develop sustainable partnership with the implementing projects in the specific areas of operation by 2018.
- Provide technical services for software database updates and ensure users accessibility by 2018.
- Support cooperative management to address basic challenges through cloud technology platforms as needed.

Responsible for data base management and software maintenance at the cooperative office (30%)

- Provide overall leadership in installing and maintaining the cloud service;
- Generate and interpret monthly financial reports.
- Provide practical training and coaching to the cooperative management and the Board of Directors (BoD) on the benefits and impacts of the cloud service.
- Produce activity progress reports and recommendations.

- Ensure software installation and implementation plan to all dairy farmer cooperative offices in the first 2 months after the project launch.
- Generate and interpret the out- put of the soft cloud technology in form of financial reports and financial management systems in first 3 months.
- Organize and coordinate periodical training programs.
- Generate and disseminate progress reports for all selected cooperatives in the areas of operation on quarterly basis.
- Provide on-going follow up on the implementation of the recommended software service improvements

Capacity building on the software usage and interpretation of the financial reports (20%)

- Develop detail actions plan for the cooperative management trainings on the interpretation of the software generated financial reports.
- Design and elaborate specific training program in the specific areas of basic computer skills and cloud-based platform to the users and other beneficiaries.
- Advocacy and coordination of the individual farmers and cooperatives to the Banks and other financial institutions like insurance companies

- Organize and deliver specific training to the cooperative management including the Auditors and BoD by 2018.
- Develop and organize training programs for farmers and stakeholders for efficiency and effective use of the software by 2018.
- Link farmers to specialize service providers and insurance companies on the available opportunities within the software by 2018.

Required Experience

Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology Management, Agri-business, Accounting sciences, Economics Statistics, and Business Administration with relevant working experience of (3 - 4) years in Dairy Cooperative Business and Management.

Preferred Requirements:
- Solid experience in working with dairy cooperatives
- Demonstrate the ability and passion to the improve cooperative financial management practices
- Experience in Business Information Technology
- Proven experience in team work and team spirit
- Experience in business acumen for small holder farmer cooperatives
- Excellent interpersonal relationships with partners and stakeholders
- Excellent communication skills both oral and written form
- Mastery and use of English and Kinyarwanda as a media of communication is an advantage

Job Location: Kigali, , Rwanda

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

Job Level: To Be Determined

Client: Non U.S. Based Locations

Closing Date: 06/15/17

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