VACANCY: Operations Manager in Liberia

Vacancy Summary

  • Organisation Type: Government / non profit
  • Sector: Health Care, NGOs / Government
  • Field of Expertise: Engineering, General Management, Operations
  • Work Experience: 6-10 years
  • Preferred Candidates: Both international and national jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Sep 17, 2019
  • Vacancy closing date: Nov 01, 2019

Job Description

Position Overview:
With guidance from the Director of Operations, the Operations Manager ensures that county wide operations are executed effectively and efficiently to help support the organization in achieving its goals. The Operations Manager oversees county level operations functions, including Transport, Security, Fleet Management, Warehouse, Maintenance, Procurement and Staff Administration. The Operations Manager works with operations leadership and coordinates with colleagues to design, implement, and execute operational systems that streamline operating processes, while responsibly using organizational resources. This position is based in Harper.

Specific Responsibilities:

Operational - Management
- Take responsibility of smooth and cost-effective running of operations in County under the supervision of the Director of Operations
- Assist departmental and program Managers/Directors in day-to-day coordination and management of program operational activities to reach organizational goals
- Ensure continued compliance to procedures & policies and be accountability ensuring effective and quality operations processes
- Safeguard an effective asset & inventory management
- Continuously analyse systems and procedures to work towards cost-effective and accountable way of implementing operational activities
- Identify problems in the operations process and resolve them in quickly and timely manner.
- Ensure tracking of operational data to be used for decision-making and maintain accurate operations documentation for reference purposes
- Manage operations staff on a day-to-day base ensuring regular communication, sharing of information, learning processes and building of individual and departmental capacity Communicate regularly with other site operations managers to cross-share information & troubleshoot.
- Liaise with other partners such as local authorities, suppliers and service providers

- Work with Transport officer in supervising and supporting drivers and mechanical staff member to optimize his/her time and respond to unforeseen issues.
- Coordinate all fleet operations with Transport Officer, including tracking, parking, repairs, cleanliness
- Work along with the mechanics to make sure the servicing of the vehicles is done on time
- Work with the fuel officer in making sure fuel usage for vehicles, motorbikes and generators is managed efficiently and all protocols are followed
- Track data on vehicle& fuel usage, maintenance of vehicles
- Ensure Safety & Security for usage of vehicles and transport of people and assets

Staff Operations
- Supervise all kitchen and residential staff
- Ensure Kitchen staff applies hygienic measures in handling food

- Coordinate generator management, including scheduling, fueling, routine maintenance and repairs
- Supervise the maintenance staff on electrical, plumbing, carpentry works
- Track data on generator usage and maintenance

- Manage operations equipment’s spare parts usage making sure all procedure and protocols are adhered to within delivery, distribution, usage and return.
- Make sure the receiving, releasing, returning processes are applied on a daily basis
- Track data on warehouses items, incoming and outgoing items
- Supervise the team in keeping track of the inventory

- Apply the procurement process through request for quotation, bid analysis and Purchase order while making sure to comply to the procurement policy
- Ensure a smooth and fair suppliers relationship
- Track data on purchase orders and lead time

- Assist the Director of Operations in the implementation of Safety & Security procedures and continuously make risk assessments and recommendations in operational activities.
- Ensure safekeeping of staff, assets and property

Human Resources
- Ensure systems are in place for clear communication between HR and operations team
- Ensure all operations staff are compliance with organization standards and procedures and also ensure staff grievances are attended to together with the HR department
- Evaluate current operational performance including staff and provide a strategic plan for improvements.
- Work with operations team to build capacity through regular professional development and mentoring.

Financial Management
- Supervise implementation of budget lines in accordance with rules and regulations and in coordination with Director of Operations
- Develop a fluent understanding of operations components of the budget and make day-to-day spending decisions within the guidelines
- Assist with budget planning activities and ensure that any needed modifications are appropriately incorporated
- Monitor the budget spending closely to make future operational decisions

· Bachelor's degree required.
· Minimum five years’ work experience in operations, fleet management, warehouse, procurement, engineering, mechanical or other related fields.
· Minimum five years of experience on a management level
· Proven ability to manage people and projects.
· Proactive, clear, and compassionate communicator.
· Strong ability to understand and manage data and send report
· Relevant travel and/or work in resource-limited settings, especially emergency or disaster situations.
· Adaptability to work in a rapidly changing environment and flexibility with schedules.
· High proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, with particularly high Excel proficiency.
· A commitment to health equity and social justice.
· English proficiency required.

Partners In Health (PIH) is committed to the fundamental principle of equal opportunity and equal treatment for every prospective and current employee. It is the policy of PIH not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion, creed, disability, sex and gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, military or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. PIH works in and with a number of governments in and outside the U.S., and to the extent applicable, this statement is intended to incorporate the prohibition of any unlawful discrimination covered by applicable laws in such countries, states and municipalities.

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