VACANCY: CMO / Medical Director in Kenya

Vacancy Summary

  • Sector: Health Care
  • Field of Expertise: General Management, Medical, Specialist
  • Work Experience: 11-15 years
  • Salary: USD 10000 - 12500, USD 12500 - 15000
  • Gross / Nett: Nett
  • Preferred Candidates: Only international jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Feb 12, 2018
  • Vacancy closing date: Mar 29, 2018

Job Description

Work location & timings: Kenya, Mombasa
Salary / Benefits: 10,000 -15,000 USD all inclusive

Duties & Responsibilities:
 Responsible to monitor and improve the level of care and help reduce operational costs over time;
 Responsible for a number of activities related to the delivery of medical care and clinical services such as cost management, utilization review, quality assurance, and medical protocol development;
 Work closely with the executive management team to implement strategies that enhance patient care and improve medical practice;
 Develop and manage a budget, including presenting monthly financial reports to practice staff with the support of administration;
 Oversees the activities of group physicians, including the recruiting and credentialing processes;
 Reports to the physician CEO/president and/or to the governing body of the organization;

Skills & Competencies:
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
 Ability to maintain confidentiality;
 Both knowledge and experience in interaction within multicultural and multiracial settings;
 Able to apply excellent organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills;

Education & Qualifications:
 Strong background as a primary care physician, as well as experience in a hospital administration role;
 Knowledge of managed healthcare systems, medical quality assurance, quality
 improvement and risk management

Timelines: ASAP

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