VACANCY: Sanitary engineer in Ghana

Vacancy Summary

  • Sector: Water Management
  • Field of Expertise: Engineering, Project Management, Specialist
  • Work Experience: 11-15 years
  • Type of contract: Consulting assignment
  • Preferred Candidates: Both international and national jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Feb 13, 2017
  • Vacancy closing date: Mar 30, 2017

Job Description

For a programme in Ghana we are bidding for, we are currently looking for a Sanitary Engineer.

About the programme
The World Bank has given a loan to the Government of Ghana (GoG), to prepare an Integrated Urban Sanitation and Drainage Masterplan covering the metropolitan area of Greater Accra. The total area is about 894 square kilometres, and has a population of about 4.3 million people. Flooding and poor environmental sanitation have become significant urban problems for the area in the past decade. These problems have been exacerbated by factors such as uncontrolled population growth, unregulated development of settlements, and poorly managed land use.

The objective of the programme is to develop a comprehensive integrated urban environmental sanitation strategy and masterplan covering all 11 Metropolitan / Municipal areas within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA). This masterplan must provide a safe and effective management of environmental sanitation, including solid and liquid waste as well as storm water runoff from the GAMA area, solve existing environmental sanitation and drainage problems, and provide guidance for the implementation of future environmental sanitation and drainage improvements. The assignment will also support preparatory activities including design and preparation of procurement documents for prioritized investments to alleviate critical problems in the GAMA area.

Job Description

Jobdescription Sanitary Engineer
As Sanitary Engineer your day to day tasks are (among others):
- Lead the urban sanitation components within the following scope of work:
- Comprehensive review and assessment of existing situation with respect to environmental sanitation in GAMA
- Develop a comprehensive integrated urban sanitation and drainage improvement strategy that will provide a safe and effective management of environmental sanitation and drainage
- Develop an appropriate institutional framework and action plan;
- Provide support for consensus building around the strategy, institutional framework and action plan;
- Assess and provide strategic options for improving sanitation and drainage services in GAMA
- Identify and prepare a phased program for the development of improved environmental sanitation and drainage system in GAMA in a prioritized manner;
- Identify and prepare preliminary designs for priority drainage, liquid and solid waste interventions in GAMA;
- Identify and evaluate options for improving waste water treatment management (sewage and septage/faecal sludge) and developing a viable business model and implementation arrangements for a waste water management in GAMA; and
- Support and facilitate the determination of the appropriate level of safeguards assessments that will be required for the proposed priority sanitation investments undertaken in order to ensure that the interventions are carried out in compliance with the World Bank’s safeguards policies.

Candidate Specification

- Masters degree in a relevant field
- At least 10 years of experience in the urban sanitation sector
- Proven experience in developing sanitation masterplans or environmental assessments in an urban environment
- Good computer knowledge
- Strong report writing skills
- Fluent in written and verbal English

Expected input is approximately 50%, spread over 18 months. Employment will be on freelance basis.

Note: This is a job advertisement, applications will be forwarded to the employer for selection. The employer will do the recruitment process himself. JobnetAfrica believes all applicants should get feedback, good or bad, but we don’t have any influence on this concerning this job.