VACANCY: Finance and Administration Officer in Ethiopia

Vacancy Summary

  • Organisation Type: Government / non profit
  • Sector: NGOs / Government
  • Field of Expertise: Finance / Accounting, Secretarial / Administrative
  • Work Experience: 3-5 years
  • Preferred Candidates: Both international and national jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: Feb 02, 2018
  • Vacancy closing date: Feb 16, 2018

Job Description

Terre des Hommes Netherlands in East Africa is looking for a Finance and Administration Officer (Ethiopia), full time, to be based in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), with frequent travel within the country.

Who we are
Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdH-NL) prevents child exploitation in developing countries, rescues children from exploitative situations and ensures that these children can continue their development in a safe environment. Terre des Hommes is a rights based organisation. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the cornerstone of all our programmes.

What we do
Terre des Hommes Netherlands focuses its long-term development work on (Worst Forms of) Child Labour, Child Migration and Child Trafficking, (Commercial) Sexual Exploitation of Children and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Children (including Child Abuse and Child Marriage) and on Child Protection in Humanitarian Crisis. For each of these forms of child exploitation, Terre des Hommes Netherlands develops and implements programmes, through local partners in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Our approach
Terre des Hommes Netherlands addresses the above mentioned issues through five types of interventions: prevention of the worst forms of child exploitation, prosecution of those who perpetrate crimes against children, promotion of a safe and conducive social/economic/legal context for children, provision of services to ensure safe and enduring reintegration of child victims; and partnership & participation to strengthen civil society in the promotion of children’s rights and include meaningful participation of children.

Objective of the function
The Finance & Administration Officer is responsible for performing financial and administrative work within the department/organisation. To implement, coordinate, realise and evaluate the financial and administrative policy and processes concerning the operations and programmes in the country and to execute the AO/IC (administrative organisation and internal control) processes within the country office. The financial and administration officer advises and guides the country manager, project partners and other stakeholders on financial management as well as urges them to take action when needed.

Position in the organisation
The Finance & Administration Officer reports to the Country manager of the country within which the function is positioned (Ethiopia) and has no direct reports of its own.
The post holder will work closely with the programme implementation and administration staff in the country, at the Regional Office and at the Head Office.

General features
The Finance & Administration Officer provides a supportive contribution to business operations by performing financial and administrative work, processing relevant information, and providing information.

Result areas
1. Country Office Administration & ICT
- In consultation with the Country Manager and Regional Finance Manager, coordinate the day-to-day management of the office and office assets and consumables, as per established TdH-NL procedures.
- To ensure TdH-NL operations and activities are compliant with laws, regulations, and other statutory requirements of the government, its agencies and instruments.
- To advise on appropriate administrative systems and procedures in the country office.
- To be responsible for security of office, staff and assets.
- To facilitate sound data entry systems for the country office and TdH-NL partners in-country; and take appropriate and timely action in consultation with the Regional Office in case of ICT issues.

2. Finance
- To be responsible for the preparation and monitoring of operational budgets, in consultation with Country Manager and Regional Finance Manager.
- To be responsible for all financial (cash and cheque) transactions of the operational budget as per established procedures, as well as maintain up-to-date accounts, including filing and safekeeping of documentation.
- To be responsible for compiling and submission of timely and complete monthly financial reports of the country office operational budget.
- To provide clear analytical information and advice to the management at country and regional office to support informed decision making.
- To be responsible for timely submission each month to the regional office of monthly finance reports as well as quarterly cash requests.
- To be responsible for compliance to all bank requirements.
- To review partner contract budgets and provide informed advice to management, as well as periodically (at least quarterly) review budget performance and provide analytical advice as well.
- To coordinate with the Country Manager and regional office on all finance related issues (partner contracts and office operational budgets).

3. Audit
- To prepare yearly plan of audit schedule for partners and submit to the regional office (RO).
- To facilitate in the selection process for auditors for partner audits.
- To secure approval of audit engagement and budget from RO prior to audit fieldwork.
- To coordinate the progress of audit and ensures timely submission of the draft and final report after country manager’s approval, to the regional office.
- To ensure maintenance of audit reports and documentation at the country office and follow up of recommendation with the Project Partners.
- To assist in office audits undertaken by the regional office or head office.

4. Programmes
- To make supervisory support visits to all programme partners, to review financial reports and planning, as well as any other support or monitoring activities as may be appropriate.
- To apply TdH-NL tools (PCATs) in organisational assessment, and identify together with TdH-NL programme staff and project partners areas for further improvement on programme, finance and administration management.
- To ensure that programme reports are delivered on time and are of good quality, according to TdH-NL standards and analyse the received information. This includes supporting the use by programme partners of the TdH-NL online reporting system (PMEasy).
- To maintain good relationships with project partners, guiding them, giving capacity building training in finance and administration and giving direction as may be appropriate.
- Support the Marketing and Communication Officer at Regional Office with information and materials for marketing and communication, e.g. for the newsletters.
- Guide project partners, give capacity building training and give direction so that they improve on quality of work, efficiency, effectiveness of the desired outputs and sustainability of results.
- Safeguard project quality by maintaining an overview of supported projects and evaluating the quality of work and results. Ensure that project partners follow the terms and conditions of the signed agreements; facilitate them to keep track of key factors in project management, implementation and monitoring of results.
- To do the day-to-day management of the projects/partners we have: financially, monitoring, etc.

5. HR Administration
- To advise country and regional office on any changes, development and policies of the government relating to employment contracts and statutory benefits.
- To advise country and regional office on employment and consultancy contracts.
- To assist the regional management and country management in any HR related aspects per local laws.

6. Other
- To carry out any other duties that can reasonably be asked of this position.

Knowledge and skills
- Relevant University degree up to at least Bachelor's level.
- Relevant accounting professional qualification up to completion level.
- Mid/ High level applied thought and working ability.
- Knowledge of the processes and services of the organisation.
- Knowledge of and insight in the (financial) administrative setup of the organisation.
- Knowledge of the application of automated data processing/ICT.
- Skills in the accurate processing of financial data - planning/budgeting, execution, controlling, documentation and reporting (grant management cycle).
- Skills in maintaining contacts.
- Minimum of four (4) years of experience in a similar position in a similar non-profit organisation.

Competence profile

Finance and Administration Officer

A. Analytical capacity
Understanding the essence of complex issues by logical reasoning, investigation of potential causes, separation of key messages from the mass of detail and acknowledgment of their interdependence.

Level 2: Collects and examines information from various sources independently and on own initiative. Acquires insight by doing so and draws conclusions from their interdependence.

B. Driving for quality
Set high demands to the quality of own work and that of others; constantly strive for improvements.

Level 1: Applies the specified quality requirements within own work and repairs mistakes.

C. Planning & Organising
The effective alignment of activities, time and resources to achieve objectives.

Level 1: Plans and organises own work in a logical way.

D. Care
Possessing an eye for detail and doing things precisely as required.

Level 2: Has an eye for detail with regard to own work and that of others and in the way work is completed.

Job Level: C
Contract Period: One year contract with a possibility of extension.

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