VACANCY: Social Scientist in Cameroon

Vacancy Summary

  • Organisation Type: Government / non profit
  • Sector: NGOs / Government
  • Field of Expertise: Specialist
  • Work Experience: 3-5 years
  • Preferred Candidates: Only international jobseekers invited to apply
  • Posted on: May 07, 2020
  • Vacancy closing date: May 31, 2020

Job Description

AGIAMONDO is the personnel service of the German Catholics for Development Cooperation. In the Civil Peace Service (CPS) we offer development workers a meaningful role working with local development agents. The CPS is a personnel programme for peace-building and the prevention of violence in crisis and conflict regions. It sets out to promote a world in which conflicts are settled without violence. Working with church-related and civil-social partner organisations in Cameroon, AGIAMONDO aims to make a contribution towards civil conflict management and the sustainable and equitable development of the country through peace-building measures.

To strengthen peace and reconciliation work in eastern Cameroon, for the Justitia et Pax Commission of the Catholic diocese of Bertoua we are looking for a

Social scientist with knowledge of organisational development, Bertoua, Cameroon, to start as soon as possible.

Your new role
For a long time, Cameroon was considered an anchor of stability in an otherwise unstable region. But, for some years now, the situation has been marked by rising tensions. The population is increasingly suffering under what are often violent conflicts in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. Civil-society agents see fundamental political, social and cultural rights as being increasingly at risk.
In eastern Cameroon, the population faces additional challenges. The region is poor, young people lack prospects and large parts of the population feel neglected by the central government. At the same time, there is a need to create peaceful social interaction with internally displaced people from other parts of the country and refugees from the neighbouring Central African Republic and to resolve recurrent tensions without violence.
The local Catholic Church is rising to these challenges. Through their Justitia et Pax Commissions, the dioceses of Bertoua and Batouri are contributing to a peaceful coexistence between the different population groups. The young Commissions are still at the beginning of their development. You will be directly integrated into the team of the Justitia et Pax Commission of the diocese of Bertoua, but will accompany both dioceses in their activities and peace work as required.

Specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:
· You will advise the coordinators of the local Justitia et Pax Commission at diocesan level in all matters of organisational development after consultation with the respective bishops and will play a central role in the implementation with regard to the setting up, continuous professionalisation and networking of the Commission.
· You will support volunteers and, if necessary, the local staff of the two diocesan Commissions in situation analysis and conflict analysis and help to identify focal points for their work. Working with the respective diocesan teams in Bertoua and Batouri, you will develop strategies for peace and conflict work on the ground.
· You will advise your colleagues on all aspects of project management and help to establish best practice examples in the organisations.
· You will support the introduction of a system for project planning, monitoring and evaluation that is appropriate to the local realities and train your colleagues in the basic features of the system.
· You will assist in networking with other civil-society agents and support joint activities for a peaceful coexistence between the different population groups.
· You will be responsible for the proper spending and management of funds locally in accordance with the donor and AGIAMONDO guidelines. In doing so, you will work in partnership with the Archdiocese of Bertoua.

Your profile
· You have completed a university degree in a social or economic science, have additional training in organisational development and already have several years of professional experience. Work experience in an African context is an advantage.
· You are proficient in common methods of organisational consulting and are used to designing participative change processes. You are confident in the basic concepts of quality assurance and can apply these in new contexts (and adapt them to changing local conditions if necessary).
· You have a basic knowledge of human rights, peace and conflict work and/or dealing with refugees, or are prepared to acquire such knowledge as part of your preparation.
· You have good French skills and basic English skills.
· You are an EU or Swiss citizen and identify with Christian values and with the goals and concerns of church development and peace work with a strong sense of conviction.

What AGIAMONDO offers
· Individual and thorough preparation
· Three-year contract, social security and remuneration in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (Entwicklungshelfergesetz)
· Cultural, language or other professional training, as well as coaching and supervision, individual advice

We look forward to receiving your detailed application by 31/05/2020.

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