Expat recruitment

JobnetAfrica is the most reliable website for companies and organisations in Africa which are looking for international and Africa diaspora candidates. Our offices are based in the Netherlands and South Africa (BEE registered). The JobnetAfrica platform is available for expat applicants with a passion for Africa or even better, who have experience working in or with Africa. Our African headhunters are happy to assist you finding the best professionals who are looking to start or upscale their career in Africa.  Our experienced and knowledgeable recruiters and headhunters help you fill your international vacancies in Africa. All our team members have worked and lived in Africa, or still do.

Regional and Local Recruitment

Besides expat recruitment and headhunting, we also offer regional and local recruitment services, mostly for middle to large size international companies active in Africa. Our recruiters and researchers are based in the Netherlands, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana.  Besides that, we have audited and handpicked 15 local partners around Africa.

Sectors our headhunters are active in

Our African headhunters are specialised in, but definitely not limited to, the following sectors: Agriculture, Horticulture, Poultry, Fishery, Food Processing, FMCG, Production, (Port) Logistics, Mining (services), Renewable Energy, IT, Telecommunications, Water Sector, Infrastructure, Business Services and Tourism.

Professional areas we are good at

The main share of our database consists of specialists in the following areas: General Management, Operations Management, Technical / Maintenance Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Business Development, Financial Management, Specialist in Agriculture, Agronomy, Horticulture, Fishery, Forestery, Tourism, Logistics, Shipping, Marine, Renewable Energy, Water Management, Infrastructure, Construction, Engineering, Maintenance, Financial Services, Project Management, etc.

Local, Regional and Expat Recruitment in Africa

Does your regional, local or international vacancy in Africa not totally fit these area’s? Are you looking for candidates with a different background? Don’t stress, we have a network  and experience in most sectors and specialisms. Ask our specialists for a realistic advice. Contact us via for help with local, regional and expat recruitment in Africa.


“JobnetAfrica has fast and clear communication. You ask, they deliver. Within given time frames. The briefings done were thorough and immediately we felt understood. This feeling was reinforced when receiving the profiles of candidates proposed. Really fast they were able to fill two of our outstanding vacancies, in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. We will definitely keep using their services!”

Frank Aletter - Deputy CEO | Business Development - Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC