Expat recruitment

JobnetAfrica is the most reliable website for companies in Africa when you are looking for International and Africa diaspora candidates. Our platform is available for expat applicants with passion for Africa or even better, experienced working in or with Africa. Our African headhunters are happy to provide young professionals who are ready for a long term challenge, experienced managers and specialists, start-up experts and candidates with a background in large multinationals or NGOs. Our headhunters help you fill your international vacancies in Africa.

Sectors our headhunters are active in

Our African headhunters are specialised in, but definitely not limited to, the following sectors: Agriculture, (Port) Logistics, Renewable Energy, IT, Internet, Telecommunications, Water Sector, Infrastructure, and Tourism.

Professional areas we are good at

Plus, the main share of our database consists of specialists in the following areas: General Management, Operations Management, Technical / Maintenance Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Business Development, Financial Management, Specialist in Agriculture, Agronomy, Horticulture, Fishery, Forestery, Tourism, Logistics, Shipping, Marine, Renewable Energy, Water Management, Infrastructure, Construction, Engineering, Maintenance, Financial Services, Project Management, etc.

Expat recruitment in Africa

Do your international vacancies in Africa not totally fit into these examples? Are you looking for candidates with a different background? Don’t stress, it was just too much to write down all specifications of candidates we have in our database. Ask our specialists for a realistic advice. Contact us via for help with expat recruitment in Africa.