Job Posting: Advertise your international vacancies in Africa


One of the offered possibilities for employers is Job Posting on our JobnetAfrica website. We offer three different options of promoting your vacancies which will give you the best chance to attract suitable applicants.


Job board for Africa | JobnetAfrica

Premium jobs will take the top spots on our website, followed by the special jobs and the basic jobs.


Numbers on our African job board


We have over 30,000 professionals in our database. These candidates already have work experience in Africa or  are  interested in working in Africa. Our website has over 150,000 pageviews per month. If you choose for a special or premium job post, your job will feature in our weekly newsletter, which is sent out to over 30,000 subscribers. If you choose for a premium job post, JobnetAfrica will also promote your job on our social media channels. JobnetAfrica has over 80,000 connections on LinkedIn and over 3,000 on Facebook.


Job Posting: Upload your vacancies


Upload your vacancies in Africa through our easy to use website. Register a company profile here (choose for the option ‘I’m an employer / recruiter’). Once you have created your company profile, you can login on our JobnetAfrica website. Click on the green button ‘post a job’ and follow the easy and logical steps. When you are looking to post multiple jobs throughout the year, we do have membership packages and we can create a package custom made to your needs.


Other Advertisement options


JobnetAfrica is also open to other forms of advertisement, for example sponsored banners on our website, promotional articles in our newsletter, guest blogs etc.




Do you have additional questions regarding our Job Posting possibilities or other advertisement options? Please contact us via for more information.



"We placed our advert on the jobnetAfrica website for € 200.- as a premium job post for 45 days and got more than 70 applications from around the world. Finally we have signed an employment contract with 3 candidates. JobnetAfrica supported us in all the steps and I would recommend them for all companies in Africa, who would like to recruit staff from in and outside Africa." 

Bijean Milani, Milani Fairtrade Ltd.


"We have been using JobnetAfrica from the start and been very successful since finding the right candidates to fill up our international vacancies in Africa. The extensive knowledge, the professional support and the amount of suitable candidates in their database makes JobnetAfrica the right job board for us!"

Desiree Venghaus, Kiboko Safaris

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