10 Inspirational Quotes From Africa's Youngest Billionaire

POSTED Aug 31, 2017 BY Inez Willeboordse

Nowadays LinkedIn, Facebook and all kind of platforms are filled with quotes from all sorts of people. Normally I am not a big fan of these quotes, most of the time they are open doors that are being kicked in. But then i stumbled upon the quotes of Mohammed Dewji, 42 and Africa’s youngest billionaire. Dewji is the CEO of METL Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in East Africa, with interests in manufacturing, distribution, trading, haulage, storage and real estate. I must say i find his quotes very realistic and inspirational.

Of course, some of these quotes are not something you have never seen or heard before, but they do remind you of what is important and maybe give you a little push in the back.

So not a very ‘heavy’ blog this time on www.jobnetafrica.com, but i hope a nice read and maybe the quotes of Mohammed Dewji will inspire you as well:

1. “Success will always come to those that put in hard work. With shortcuts you'll never truly appreciate your accomplishments in life.”

2. “Business as usual will never lead to growth and development. Only through innovation and change will you see real progress!”

3. “Your credibility is one of the most fundamental attributes to have. With it, you will grow. Without it, you will consistently struggle.”

4. “Always strive for excellence in life and never make room for mediocrity. Set your standards high and your efforts shall be rewarded.”

5. “Never let the negativity of others affect your goals. Life is too short to get derailed by people that do not contribute to your growth!”

6. “The speed of your progress doesn't matter. As long as you're moving forward, you're one step closer to your goals!”

7. “I believe all dreams can come true. If we truly want them. If we're truly patient. And if we have the courage to pursue no matter what!”

8. “Self-reflection is integral to personal growth. Pay attention to your actions and thoughts because without growth there is no progress.”

9. “One of the hardest actions in life is patience. It tests loyalty to your goals & your endurance while you wait for positive outcomes.”

10. “Every "good" and "bad" experience in life will teach you something. Choosing how to learn from your past shapes who you are today.”

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