Top 10 fastest growing cities in the world

POSTED Feb 16, 2017 BY Inez Willeboordse

You may not be surprised to learn that – worldwide – more people live in urban areas than in rural areas. That number is growing fast and by 2050 it’s anticipated that 66 per cent of the world’s population will be urban.

What may surprise you is that the top 10 of fastest growing cities in the world are all African cities!

This is surely a measure of how fast the African content is growing. This of course brings challenges, but at JobnetAfrica we like to believe a lot of opportunities as well.

Here are the top 10 of fastest growing cities in the world, with the percentages of their projected growth by 2025 behind them:

1. Zinder, Niger - 67,6 %

2. Bujumbura, Burundi - 67,4 %

3. Lokoja, Nigeria - 65,4 %

4. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - 61,9 %

5. Mwanza, Tanzania - 60,9 %

6. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 58,9 %

7. Nnewi, Nigeria - 58,2 %

8. Bamako, Mali - 57,5 %

9. Lubango, Angola - 56,8 %

10. Uyo, Nigeria - 56,4 %

You can read more about urbanization and the fastest growing cities in the world on the World Economic Forum.

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