5 Reasons to be Optimistic about Africa

POSTED Jan 19, 2017 BY Inez Willeboordse

Actually i have a lot reasons to be optimistic about Africa, but the 5 reasons from the title of this blog are not my or JobnetAfrica's reasons, but the ones from Bill Gates.

Whatever you might think of Bill Gates, i find it important that such an influencer shines his light about Africa in a positive way.

And he didn't pick out the obvious, but has a different angle which i find rather refreshing. So here we go:

1. Images Are Worth Way More than a Thousand Words

Everyday Africa is one of Bills favourite Instagram profiles. It shows what the vast, culturally diverse continent of Africa is like beyond the lazy stereotypes. These images, most of which are posted by African photographers, tell compelling stories in beautiful, creative, and sometimes funny ways.

2. Hybrids Will Improve the Lives of Half a Billion People

In Africa, cassava is the primary staple for half a billion people and the continent’s most popular crop. That’s why Bill is super excited that scientists are using the most advanced hybridization techniques for the benefit of cassava farmers and those who depend on the crop.

3. Grandmothers Get the Job Done!

You know the old saying “success has many fathers?” It turns out success has many grandmothers as well, especially when it comes to reducing maternal and child deaths. Across many different African cultures, grandmothers are powerful authority figures when it comes to a wide variety of health, pregnancy, and child-rearing issues.

4. Families Leapfrog the Grid

In sub-Saharan Africa, the majority of people in rural areas live in the dark, without access to the electrical grid. But new technologies are changing that picture much more quickly than even we optimists expected. Small entrepreneurs are selling affordable solar kits that help rural families leapfrog their way to clean, reliable energy.

5. Bill's Favorite Soap Opera

When Bill Gates was in South Africa he caught the fascinating TV show 'Rhythm City', a soap opera in South Africa. The show, which has characters speaking in the four main languages of South Africa (Xhosa, Zulu, English, and Afrikaans), really brings home how far South Africa has come since the end of apartheid. As the continent continues to develop and thrive, he predicts we’ll see many other shows like this in other countries. 

You can read more about Bill Gates' reasons to be optimistic about Africa on Gates Notes.

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