6 Cheapest Sub-Saharan African Countries to Live

POSTED Dec 22, 2016 BY Inez Willeboordse

Have you been thinking of making a move to Africa for business, family, or for leisure? Maybe this list is of any use to you. Of course we didn't make this list up at JobnetAfrica, but GoBankingRates has tiered cheapest nations across the world by using four key affordability metrics.

We understand you might feel this list is not correct or that you have another impression of which countries are cheap or cheaper to live, but understand this is not a definite list and it is open for interpretation.

JobnetAfrica would like to know your view, so let us know in the comments if you agree with this list or if you think one or more countries are missing or if there are countries in this list you think shouldn't be there.

Alright, having said that, let's give it go. Here are the top six cheapest Sub-Saharan African nations to live:

1. South Africa

2. Zambia

3. Namibia

4. Kenya

5. Zimbabwe

6. Ethiopia

You can read more about the cheapest African countries to live on African Exponent.

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