4 hints about expat life in Africa

POSTED Oct 6, 2016 BY Inez Willeboordse

Thinking about making the move to Africa? While most expats will tell you life abroad is pretty incredible, there can be drawbacks, too. JobnetAfrica wants you to keep these 4 hints in mind before making the big move:

1. Culture shock is real, even if you’ve visited the country before

Visiting a country as a tourist is a lot different than living there as an expat.

As a tourist, minor inconveniences can be charming and “part of the travel experience.” Day-to-day life, however, is different.

2. Connect with the local expat community

Don’t try to go it alone! Even if you’re hoping to connect with locals, it doesn’t hurt to have expat allies. They can tell you how to navigate local government bureaucracies, let you in on where to find your favorite foods and commiserate about the frustrations of living abroad.

3. Set clear telecommuting expectations in advance

If you’ll be staying with your current company, establish clear expectations in advance around remote work. While wi-fi is widespread in Africa, connection speeds can vary, especially once you get outside of the cities.

4. Be realistic about working abroad

Planning to get a job once you arrive and work locally? Be realistic about your options and visa requirements.

You can read more about expat life in Africa on Entrepeneur.com.

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