Top 5 most popular sectors for jobs in Africa

POSTED Aug 25, 2016 BY Inez Willeboordse

At JobnetAfrica we have, at the moment, close to 40 international jobs in different African countries and in all kind of areas. We found some interesting articles about which sectors are already big employers and are set to be even bigger. These are the 5 of the most popular sectors for jobs in Africa:

1. Agriculture

Africa’s largest economic sector is agriculture.

Agriculture is accounting for 15% of the continent’s GDP. The continent’s agro-ecological potential is larger than its current output, as is its food requirements.

2. Infrastructure

Due to Africa’s booming economy and high urbanization rate, infrastructure will become vital to the continent’s growth. The continent also has a huge and profitable opportunity to explore and create green and sustainable energy.

3. Mining

Extractive activities in minerals and energy sectors are currently responsible for economic growth in the West African region. Mining is set to grow as the continent boasts ample natural resources.

4. Service Sector

The service sector has seen a boom in recent years as Africa’s middle class grows and has more purchasing power for services.

5. Information and Communication Technology

ICT is currently a major driver of economy on the continent, with mobile phone usage being the highest in the world primarily due to low internet connectivity.

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