3 checkpoints for your CV when applying for your African job

POSTED Jan 21, 2016 BY Inez Willeboordse

I could write about how to secure the job in Africa you have applied for, how to nail the interview or get most out of your negotiations. But getting to this point is a challenge on its own.

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Yes, maybe a CV is getting a little old fashioned, but it is still the document most recruiters will use to propose you to the employer. Even when applying for a job in Africa directly with the employer, these checkpoints are no less important.

In case you feel below points are a bit lame, it means your CV has the looks to be send out. Getting sweaty reading this blog? Please take some time to give your CV a make-over.

1. Pictures

I usually like it, but whether or not to put a picture on your CV can be questioned. Both is accepted.

In case you do use a picture, use a picture that is made specifically for business purpose. We want to see you, not your partner's arm cut off, you playing with your dog or you drinking a beer.  

It can be a static picture of just you wearing representable clothing, or you can use a picture of you at work. Again, make sure the picture is representable and shows what you do. It could be you giving a presentation in case this is part of your job, you in uniform when working in healthcare, or even driving a tractor if that is what your profession is. As long as we can still see your face. 

2. Colour using

Although I love colours, please try to stick to one or two. Preferably Black, grey, maybe blue or green, but definitely not red, yellow or pink. It distracts and looks unprofessional, especially if you use many colours on the same page. 

3. Letter typing

Although it is great to experiment with letter types, please save this for another time. Not on your CV. Use a widely known letter type like Arial or Times New Roman which is easy to read. 

Using underlined or fat letters is a good idea in case you want to give the text some extra meaning. For instance titles.  Don't overdo it as it will work confusing. Make sure the recruiter can immediately see your function, the company name and the dates you have worked there. Be consistent in outlining throughout your CV. 

Once you have finished your CV save it in PDF to prevent text going all over the place when your CV is opened by the recruiter.

Good luck upgrading your CV's!

Warm Regards,