Testimonial: Interview with Greg White from BMMI

POSTED Apr 21, 2023 BY Gabrielle Wocker

In this video I have a short chat with Greg White, a senior HR manager for BMMI,  a very large logistics and supply chain company active in several African countries.


JobnetAfrica has been a partner for BMMI for quite a few years and we recruited for different positions in several African countries for them.


When asked what were your reservations about working with JobnetAfrica before we started, Greg answered: “Can they find us good candidates in the right time? Because often when recruiting you are always in a hurry. You don’t have the luxury of time.

When asked what have been the benefits of working with JobnetAfrica, Greg is clear: “JobnetAfrica has always been able to find very good candidates for lots of different positions in the last few years. The communication has always been great.”

Greg would recommend JobnetAfrica to every company active in Africa. According to Greg, JobnetAfrica has got extensive knowledge of the whole African region, has got a good pool of candidates for different types of jobs on the continent.

If you would like to see if and how JobnetAfrica might be able to help with finding the best candidates for your key roles, send us an email on contact@jobnetafrica.com.