What should an attractive job spec look like?

POSTED Mar 3, 2023 BY Gabrielle Wocker

7 pointers to write an attractive job spec

Often when we start a search for our clients, there isn’t even a job spec yet. The employer, our client, simply didn’t have the time or knowledge to write an attractive job description.

We often jump in, because we do feel an attractive job spec can make a difference.

An attractive job spec consists in any case of these 7 aspects:

1. The job title: don’t make it to fancy or hip etc., because if candidates don’t understand the job title, they won’t be interested.

2. The company description: we feel company culture is an important one here. People like to get a feel of the company they might want to work for.

3. Describe a work week: who wouldn’t like an insight on how your future work week might look like?

4. Duties and responsibilities of the job: make a few bullet points and keep it short and clear. Don’t add 20 or so bullet points, people will get lost.

5. Skills and qualifications: again short and clear. What skills and qualifications does an applicant absolutely need? Without these must haves candidates don’t need to apply.

6. Benefits: make it attractive for the candidate. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should put the salary here, but what else can you offer that would really resonate with the right applicants.

7. Clear call to action: Don’t overcomplicate the application process. Make it clear where interested candidates can apply or ask for more information.


One last tip, don’t make your job description too long. Nobody likes digging through a job spec of 20 pages.

If you have any questions regarding writing a job spec, feel free to contact us at inez@jobnetafrica.com and we will be happy to jump on a call!

(Also, check out this video about this topic).