Working with too many recruiters

POSTED Feb 24, 2023 BY Gabrielle Wocker

Giving multiple recruiters the assignment to search for your new employee may seem like a good idea, but is it?

For example, if recruiters compete with each other, they try to be fast.

They will send through candidates that are desperate for a new job and readily availlable instead of combing through the market for top performers, which will take more time.

In short, they will throw CV’s at you and hope one might stick.

Besides that, if your commitment to the recruiter is not 100%, you can be sure the commitment of the recruiter isn't 100% to you and your search as well.

If an executive recruiter has retained and exclusive assignments besides your assignment, they will focus on those searches, put the best researchers on these assignments.

They will scan the whole market, look at your competitors etc. , instead of just seeing who is available.

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