Does an international recruiter active in Africa need to have his feet on the ground?

POSTED Feb 10, 2023 BY Gabrielle Wocker

Does an international recruiter in Africa need to have his feet on the ground?


(Also, check out this video about this topic).


We checked in with our followers a while back to find out if they feel that candidates for senior positions on the African continent should have ‘Africa experience’.


Of course we realize there are many different countries in Africa and even more cultures, but we are talking about ‘Africa experience’ for the sake of the discussion.

A majority of our followers felt that ‘Africa experience’ was a must for senior candidates.


But what about the recruiters working for clients on the African continent?

Do they need to have their feet on the ground in Africa as well?


On a recent poll we held on Linkedin an overwhelming majority said ‘yes’.

And after living in different countries on the continent for about 10 years and visiting many African countries, I definitely agree.


To fully understand the role within the company of your client in Africa, I feel it helps to know more then just the requirements mentioned in a job spec.


To have a bit of an in insight in the location and the local culture, you can come up with better suitable candidates.

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