3 ways to do reference checks

POSTED Jan 20, 2023 BY Gabrielle Wocker

Maybe you have been through a lengthy recruitment process, or there were some bumps on the way and now you have found that perfect candidate. You want to offer him or her a contract as soon as possible and really just want to get going. But I recommend to always take the time and do some reference checks.


Let’s have a look at three ways to do reference checks.


Also check out this video about this topic.


The first option is not one I would recommend. This option would be the reference letter. The candidate hands over some letters that are often prescripted and signed by previous employers, sometimes from years ago. It is hard to validate these letters and the content might not be that important in regards to your specific role.


The second option is that you do reference checks yourself as an employer. I do think this is a good option. It might be a bit time consuming, but I fully understand you would like to get the information from the references first hand.


Having your (executive) recruiter doing the reference checks is the third option. And of course I would recommend this option, but do check how they do their reference checks. Sending a questionnaire is not a good way in my book, but calling references with well thought out questions definitely is.


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