How to plan successful interviews for your top candidates

POSTED Jan 13, 2023 BY Gabrielle Wocker

Here are some tips to plan successful interviews when recruiting: (Also check out this video about this topic) 


How is your planning process regarding interviews after you have received a shortlist from the recruiter?


What we often see is that good candidates are dropping out of the recruitment process. They didn’t feel they were take seriously, because the recruitment process at their possible new employer is not set up right. Everybody has done it, rescheduling interviews with a candidate multiple times, cancelling interviews at the last minute because you’re too busy, taking too long before contacting candidates to plan an interview, coming to an interview unprepared and trying to wing it etc.


But you have to realize this might cause you to lose the top candidate for this crucial position within your company. Also by treating candidates like this, your employer brand can get damaged. And if it isn’t enough that the top candidates drop off, you will have to start all over again too. So in short, this will cost you a lot of extra time and money, you might lose the best candidates and your employer brand is on the line.


Of course this is not what you want. So you need to set up your recruitment process properly even in case you work together with a recruiter. If you would like to see if and how JobnetAfrica can help you with setting up a proper recruitment process, send us an email on to plan a meeting.