4 tips to save you time when recruiting

POSTED Jan 6, 2023 BY Gabrielle Wocker

Recruiting, headhunting, executive search etc., it takes up a lot of time, especially for those critical positions within your business. Time you often don’t have…


So here are 4 tips to save you time when recruiting: (Also check out this video about this topic) 


        1. Make sure your employer brand is attractive

It saves you a lot of time convincing people to work for your company if they are already familiar with your company and if they have a positive impression.


        2. Create an ideal candidate profile

This prevents you investing time in candidates that are not suitable for your position. If you are not clear on what you want, a recruitment process will inevitably take up more of your time.


        3. Feed your talent pipeline

Even when you are not on the lookout for new people, keep networking and adding people to your talent pipeline.


        4. Simplify your candidate outreach

Before you start your recruitment process and start reaching out to people, think about what information you are going to send them. This will prevent questions from candidates and it will prevent sending emails, whatsapps up and down about everything and nothing.


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