3 tips for sourcing great candidates for tough African locations

POSTED Dec 15, 2022 BY Michel Stehouwer

How do you find enough great candidates for that critical role in your organization in tough / remote locations like for example Mali, Chad or Burkina Faso, so you can have a choice? Or actually, how do you find them at all?

Also check out this video about this topic.

Here are 3 tips that will help:

        1. Make sure that you are aware of ‘the family situation’ that you can offer a candidate. Is it safe? Is there international schooling? Is there anything to do for the family?

In other words, is it a single status position or not? This helps you in targeting the right candidates.

        2. Search for people that have experience in hardship locations. That doesn’t necessarily have to be in Africa, but at least with similar challenges. Those people are more likely to jump on an adventure like the one you are offering.

        3. Increase the number of people you are reaching out to. It is a numbers game. For these sort of locations the percentage of candidates that will be interested will be significantly lower than for example a position in Kenya or Ghana.

If you would like to know more or if you are in need of executive staff in challenging locations in Africa, feel free to send me a message on inez@jobnetafrica.com to see if and how we can help.