Financial professionals in the African market

POSTED Aug 26, 2022 BY Michel Stehouwer

Since financial professionals are basically needed in any sector, they are always ‘in demand’. At JobnetAfrica we have recruited multiple CFO’s, financial controllers etc. throughout the years and we are noticing a shift.

This shift is that before people within the African market were predominantly looking for international candidates, expats, and now we see that regional (also international) and local candidates are being headhunted more and more.

And this requires a completely new network and a new way of sourcing. First you’d probably look within a similar sector, a similar sized company and a similar market. You could even look globally for such professionals.

Now when you will be looking more regionally or even locally and you might find out that there are very few financial professionals within the same sector or that there are only a few similar sized companies. You need to look differently at the variables and you need a completely different network.

Because of this I would suggest to always reach out to your executive recruiter to see if and how they might be able to help you find the top financial professionals in the regional and local African markets.

Check this video about financial professionals in the African market.

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