Does recruiting in your own network in Africa bring you the best candidates?

POSTED Jun 30, 2022 BY Michel Stehouwer

When you are recruiting for that new employee for this key role within your company, you tap into your own network. You believe this brings you the best candidate, but does it really?

You might get a good candidate and you might not, but actually you are only scraping the surface of the market.

Your own network is only so big and the reach of your website isn’t indefinite as well. To be honest, the chances of attracting the best candidate in this way are rather slim.

The chances are bigger you end up with a medioacre candidate, which will not help you reach your goals and targetted profit on both the short and long term. Now this might have some implications for you as well. People are looking at you for not hiring the right person and in the end for failing to reach the company’s targets.

So for key positions within your company, positions that are very important for your business, you might want to consider working together with an executive recruiter that is an expert in your field. They are specialists and dig into the whole market. They research the whole market. They will have a look at talent working for your competitors etc. So within a few weeks time they can present 3, 5 or 7 top candidates based on a full search within the market.

That sounds a lot better then just hiring whoever is accidentally coming your way or who is available, doesn’t it? And it will save you time and money, because now you have the right person in place to reach your business goals.

So if you would like to see if and how JobnetAfrica can help you with finding that top candidate and saving you time and money, send us an email on to plan a meeting.