7 Tips to get your dream job

POSTED Jul 23, 2021 BY Sarah Stone

Job interviews can be sometimes horrifying, especially for fresh graduates and first-time applicants. Most interviewees are afraid that this is a very stressful stage in the job search process and will fail most of the time. The result of the job interview will determine the candidate's effort to get the ideal job. Therefore, Sarah Stone from WhatJobs is here to provide some job interview tips to help you complete your application.

Researching the company you are applying to allows you to understand potential job vacancies and their business presence. It will enable employers to positively impress your interest in the job and company during the interview process. Here are 8 tips that job aspirants should keep in mind while appearing for an interview:

1. Be enthusiastic when answering questions and speak clearly.

Be professional and show your personality. be yourself. If necessary, please feel free to pause to give yourself time to make a thoughtful response.

2. Be Positive.

Employers don't want to hear negative comments because they can interpret them as an excuse for failure. Don't let negative past experiences influence your behavior. Always show a positive perspective by stating what you have learned from past experiences.

3. Practice how to show the skills most applicable to the position you are applying for.

Make a constructive impression with the hiring team by showcasing your skills and what you can do to get the job done. Employers hire workforces to solve prevailing difficulties, so please show your skills and prove to them that you are the correct person for the job.

4. Get to the interview as early as possible.

It is excellent to arrive 10-15 minutes before the interview time. You can use this time to ask for directions to the interview location and calm down before the meeting. Coming too early or too late will create a negative impression.

5. Carry a portfolio labelled with the firm's name.

The effort you have taken to assemble information on the company can give your interviewer the impression of your meticulousness and passion for the job.

6. Show proper etiquette

Some prestigious firms offer lunch or dinner during the interview. In this case, it is essential to show proper etiquette and to pay your part in the discussion during the meal. Social skills can be a substantial part of the hiring decision.

7. Try to send a thank you letter after the interview.

Employers highly value this sign as it shows your high and enduring interest in the position.

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