4 Key things to consider when aswering the ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ question in a job interview

POSTED May 20, 2021 BY Ingrid Verhagen

It is quite common to be asked after your job interview 'do you have any questions for me?’. While this inquiry appears to be basic, it has a significant part in how a potential employer sees you. Having a couple of questions arranged will guarantee you are prepared for this question and can help you put yourself aside from the opposition.

4 Key things to consider before you answer to ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ in a job interview

Being asked 'what questions or concerns do you have about this job?' or a comparable question in a meeting is genuinely normal. Here are a couple of tips to prepare yourself so you can answer this question fittingly and effectively: 

  • Set aside some time to prepare for questions: invest some energy in planning questions before the interview. Make a rundown of inquiries you have for the hiring manager that are identified with the position, the organization, or other pertinent points. You can get thoughts for questions by doing exploration on the organization, contemplating the job description, and considering any data you at present do not have that would be useful in choosing if the position is appropriate for you. 
  • Pose open-ended questions: rather than asking simple yes or no questions try to keep them more open-ended. This will allow the recruiting supervisor to broadly explain. This will make a big difference in the discussion and guarantee you to find the solution you are searching for. 
  • Think about suggesting a few conversation starters: At the point when posed this question in a meeting, it is your chance to ask about whatever you feel is required to ask about the work. Consider posing a few inquiries identified with the actual position, the organization, the person opposite you, and surprisingly about yourself. 
  • Keep away from tricky topics: Subjects to keep away from when asking the recruiting supervisor inquiries about the job or organization incorporate inquiries regarding non-work exercises, data that is promptly accessible, and compensation requests (except if it is the second or third meeting with a similar organization).

Sample questions you can ask

Coming up next are a few questions you could ask when posed 'what questions or concerns do you have about this job?

  1. What is exciting that wants you to get up in the morning and come to work every day? 
  2. How long have you been at the organization? 
  3. Would you be able to discuss organizational culture? 
  4. What is the greatest challenge confronting the company? 
  5. What are the organization's objectives for the forthcoming year? 
  6. Are there any capabilities that you believe I am missing? 
  7. Would you be able to share more about the everyday obligations of this job? How might you depict the speed of a regular day? 
  8. If I get selected for this job, what might you need me to accomplish in my initial two months? 

Best of luck!


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