Let us focus on digital marketing talents in Africa

POSTED Oct 8, 2020 BY Nicolas Goldstein

Africa is progressing at a rapid rate! Being a continent of opportunities, its young population represents an unparalleled pool of digital skills. Specialist in digital marketing Nicolas Goldstein wrote this article about the future of digital marketing in Africa for JobnetAfrica. It weighs billions of dollars and foreshadows the creation of several hundred million jobs by 2030. The digital marketing sector is waiting for only one thing: to be able to roll out the red carpet to welcome African talent, the latter being destined to play a major role in history and to be at the heart of the industry. Thanks to the web platform Talenteum.africa , revealer of the best African talents ready to work remotly.

The future of digital marketing in Africa: start preparing today!

Some figures:

The whole world is undergoing a digital transformation and the African continent does not want to be left behind. To illustrate this trend, let us look at the Digital 2020 Report, according to which digitised Africa currently displays:

  • An increase of 7.1% in the number of internet users, which now exceeds 4.5 billion in the last twelve months. This equals to 301 million additional new users.
  • 3.81 billion users of social network sites, which represents 304 million additional new users (+8.7 %) since April 2019.
  • 5.16 billion smartphone users, or 128 million more people (+2.5%) compared to 2019.

Companies are very well aware of this, as evidenced by a study of Digital Trends Morocco 2018. Thus, 91% of firms have established their presence, mostly on Facebook, but on social networks in general.

It has also been revealed that many advertisers have, without hesitation, increased their spending by 56% for marketing on social networks and by 55% for content marketing (ExperienceIndex - Digital Trends 2020 – Adobe in partnership with Econsultancy).

Essential predictions for shaping digital marketing talent in Africa

If we believe in the forecasts, Africa will experience a gradual decline in the cost of smartphones and the expansion of online commerce, fintech, video, voice, artistic creations and online games. In the face of these developments, specialists predict that it will record approximately 625 million subscribers (three times the population of the United States!) of mobile services in the next five years. This will, of course, have a considerable impact on the economic growth of the region and on job creation.

A vital need for talent to nurture digital marketing

Given the current facts and the predicted course of events, it goes without saying that the continent needs talent in digital marketing. This sector is already having a considerable impact on the economy of the continent, since it actively participates in the advancement of the public sector, health, transport, education, renewable energy and finance.

However, in order to meet this major challenge, for digital skills to actually generate, for example, the 230 million jobs expected in the sub-Saharan part of the continent by 2030, Africa must make a radical change. It will have to produce more than just 2% of the current Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates. It will also have to exceed the 50% of countries offering computer skills in their educational programme (compared to 85% elsewhere). Another figure that must be quickly reviewed: more than 40% of the skills currently required for the workforce in companies will evolve by 2022 (International Finance Corporation - IFC), without forgetting that those in digital formats are part of the top 7 that is now required by employers.

E-commerce, the bridge between African talent and digital marketing?

Africa has embraced e-commerce like none other. On the continent, this sector is evolving at such a speed that it now represents a competitive market unparalleled in the eyes of foreign companies. Digital marketing will win on all fronts if it clings to this trend. It is impossible to take another course otherwise when the firm Mckinsey & company expects a quota of more than 600 million active consumers (10% of retail sales) for the African e-commerce sector alone by 2025.

Will it have the necessary support to provide adequate training for its youth so that the latter can embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Digital marketing talents in Africa need a small change of course to show the world the breadth of their know-how.


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