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We help build careers in Africa


JobnetAfrica is the name of the most reliable site for international and diaspora professionals that are looking for careers in Africa. Our platform is available for anyone looking to live and work in Africa, has done this before or still does. The international or expat jobs we offer are realistic and actually do exist. Our goal is to link reliable employers with the best candidates available, to create careers in Africa.

Our team exists of highly passionate people that worked part of their careers in Africa and have a specific bond with the African continent. Unlike most job search sites we feel that everybody that took the time to contact us deserves a response. Therefor we have developed a very personal and informal way of working. With this approach we have realised many successful matches in the past and will continue to increase this number in the coming years!

JobnetAfrica offers several services online and offline, for employers and candidates.  With our personal approach our team of Africa experts is always willing to offer a helping hand. So please let us know in case you feel lost in pursuing your careers in Africa!


Some history...


It all started in 2010 when driving back from Lake Malawi to Lilongwe after a relaxing weekend away. Our contract was coming to an end and we had decided to move back to the Netherlands. Knowing we would miss the continent we fantasised about how we could have the best of both worlds. Family and friends in the Netherlands nearby and still being able to explore the African continent, lush surroundings, lovely climate and it's people. Setting up our own company was the answer. But in what?  

In 2011 we arrived back in the Netherlands and started working on our plan; Werk in Afrika Recruitment Services. With many hours hard work and dedication we managed to set up a successful recruitment firm targeting the international market in Africa. Creating careers in Africa. In 2016, 5 years later it was time for the next step. 

JobnetAfrica is part of the World Recruitment Centre B.V. holding and offers job and profile advertisement for the international professional passionate about obtaining or maintaining their careers in Africa!


Our Team 


Inez Willeboordse - Managing Partner  (Johannesburg, South Africa)Linkedin Inez Willeboordse

Inez Willeboordse | Managing PartnerAfter living and working in first South Africa, later Malawi, I got a real feel of what the African job market works like. In 2011 I set up Werk in Afrika Recruitment Services what has now become JobnetAfrica. I love being involved helping people creating and maintaining their careers in Africa and seem to be great at networking. As a frequent Africa visitor I am always on the lookout for new contacts and knowledge about the African job market.  

Besides acting as a mediator, I love helping people out practically. From finding affordable flights to mosquito net advice, I will try to find an answer to all your questions. With great enthusiasm I share my experiences with Africa and tell you about all do’s and don’ts. Summarised, I am available for everybody with passion for business and careers in Africa!  

As Managing Partner I spent my days increasing JobnetAfrica’s physical network and expand its online reach. Besides occupying myself on actual recruitment assignments I am also leading in further development of our business within and outside Africa.



Ingrid Verhagen - Executive Search Consultant  (Johannesburg, South Africa)Linkedin Inez Willeboordse

Ingrid Verhagen | Executive Search Consultant

After studying and working in The Netherlands for many years, I decided to explore this crazy cool world and I ended up in South Africa, for what was supposed to be a holiday. This trip changed my life forever. I fell in love with the incredible landscapes, the friendly people and have never looked back.

I joined JobnetAfrica as an Executive Search Consultant to take on the challenge to completely understand the requirements of our clients and of their company cultures, to enable me to find candidates who are not only a great fit for the company, but also candidates who are best suited to, and would most enjoy their time in Africa. If you are keen to start a career or to maintain your career in our beautiful continent, and if I can be of any help, feel free to contact me any time.



Minoek Wijs - Executive Search Associate (Accra, Ghana) Linkedin Minoek Wijs

Minoek Wijs | Executive Search AssociateEver since my first visit to Africa in 2006, I always felt passionate about the continent and its’ development. After working as a Recruitment Consultant for seven years for The Randstad Holding in The Netherlands, I have worked and lived in Zambia to contribute to the HR departments of local organisations. Because of this, and earlier experiences in working in Africa, I can easily understand the African context as well as working in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity. Recently I have been working for an International Development Organisation where I was responsible for the recruitment of professional volunteers for Africa and Asia.

As an Executive Search Associate for JobNetAfrica, I have enthusiasm to add value to your company by successfully select the right candidate for your open vacancy as well as finding you a suitable job in Africa.  It makes me very happy combining my passion for Africa and Recruitment all together and to make a difference to others. 



Annamaria Celeste - Executive Search Associate (Rome, Italy)Linkedin Annamaria Celeste

After having lived in many European countries I found out that there is still a whole world out there! Africa has been fascinating me ever since. With over 15 years of experience in intercultural communication as a translator and interpreter for German, Italian, English and French (now adding Portuguese), I have worked for several companies by helping them open up a new market and find new business chances in other countries. As an insider I have had the opportunity to understand how companies work and how important it is to have a good team and employees you can rely on.

One year ago I came across JobnetAfrica and I thought: what a great idea! This is exactly the link that was missing to connect enthusiastic professionals with companies willing to set up a business in Africa or already established there.

As a language expert I love communicating with people around the world trying to understand their needs and bringing them together. For me human factors and interpersonal relations are of the utmost importance and do make a difference when it comes to helping jobseekers and companies reach their goals. Currently based between Rome and Austria.



Fiona Chakwana Simango -  Researcher & Database Manager (Johannesburg, South Africa)Linkedin Fiona Chakwana Simango

Fiona Chakwana Simango - Database Manager JobnetAfrica

I am from Zimbabwe, but have been in South Africa for the past nine years and have been working as a Recruitment Consultant. What I like the most is that it is a multi cultural environment and it has made it easy for me to engage with everyone from different backgrounds. My passion is to make change in people. 

One of my duties as a Database Manager at JobnetAfrica is to make sure that all the information on the candidates CV's is updated. This a very satisfying part for me, since i'm helping all these people to enlarge their chances of finding their dream job in Africa.




Maria Verschoof - Business Development Consultant (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) Linkedin Hedwig Rovers

Maria Verschoof - Business Development Consultant

More than 10 years ago I set foot on African soil for the first time, for many times to come. A project supported by my former employer Randstad in the Netherlands, where I worked as sales consultant for multiple years, brought me to Tanzania to enhance youth employment.

I fell in love with the entrepreneurial mindset, which is flowing richly over the continent. I decided to head for Africa for the long term to be part of this momentum.  

What you can expect from me as business developer at JobnetAfrica? I am known as enthusiastic, authentic and a straight to the point kind of person. This combined with my professionalism, persistence to meet the customer's needs, personal connection, awareness of the cultural differences, you can expect to get the job done!



Michel Stehouwer - Content Manager (Johannesburg, South Africa)Linkedin Michel Stehouwer

Michel Stehouwer - Content ManagerAbout a decade ago I decided to move to Africa for a year. The continent, with all its pros and cons, fascinated me from the start. One year became three years and there are plans for moving back. Back then I found there was no good platform for both companies and jobseekers to get in touch with each other, or at least I couldn’t find it.

As an online marketeer for JobnetAfrica I’m making this great job search site as visible as possible in every sense of the word visible. Amongst many things I am making sure the vacancies of the companies reach all qualified jobseekers. It is fantastic to contribute to companies finding their ideal candidate and enhance people’s careers in Africa!




András Zolnay - IT Specialist (Breda, the Netherlands)

András Zolnay - IT Specialist

I am a very passionate software engineer and IT specialist. Being Hungarian and living in the Netherlands right now, i know how important it is to have a good job board so you can find that one special job abroad. Therefore i love being part of JobnetAfrica, so i can help people build their careers in Africa.

In my job as allround IT specialist i make sure the JobnetAfrica website is running smoothly and that your information is private and safe. Together with the team i am constantly trying to improve the website so it becomes even easier to use and everyone can apply for their dream job in Africa.




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