HM.CLAUSE, a Company belonging to the LIMAGRAIN Group (9000 employees), is specialized in research, production and sales of vegetable seeds to professionals. HM.CLAUSE employs around 2200 people worldwide and achieves a continuous growing turnover. To support its development, HM.CLAUSE is looking for an experienced Seed Production GENERAL Manager for HM.CLAUSE Kenya.

Main responsibility of the General Manager is to manage the HM.CLAUSE Kenya farm operations in a cost effective, timely and reliable way whilst ensuring that technical and quality requirements are met, as well as training the local team and out growers in vegetable seed production.
Reporting to the Managing Director, the General Manager will work in close collaboration with the and Managing Director to ensure coordination and internal standards are met. The farm counts a total of 70 employees.

In this position, the successful candidate will be responsible for all activities of the HM.CLAUSE Kenya production farm :

• Oversee, coordinate and manage the daily farm production operations with greenhouses, seedling nursery and open field plots
• Establish and ensure that operating budgets are followed
• In coordination with BU Supply managers , manage day-to-day seed production business aspects in Kenya.
• Provide up-to-date data and information on local issues impacting the BU production business in Kenya, to include:
- Production cost and pricing
- Farmer Capacity, capability and grower base
- New opportunities in terms of areas and growers suitable for vegetable seed production
• Responsible of sowing activity, pollination, harvest and seed extraction activities are conducted in a timely manner.
• Transplanting and cultivation: close follow up on crops with Managers on findings, ensure weeding, irrigation, staking, and pruning according to the farm policies
• Management of the production team, including supervisors and employees : recruitment, training and development of the team.
• Knowledgeable and aware of proper chemical use, IPM, environmental issues.
• GSPP Implementation
• Maintain good public relations with neighboring farms, regional and national government authorities (KEPHIS, NEMA,..) and other stakeholder organization,
• Maintain a collaborative environment with colleagues and implementation of the company policies

Ideally, you hold the following skills and qualifications:
• BSc or MSc in Agronomic Science or Agricultural Business. Preferably with strong emphasis on vegetable seed science.
• 5 years’ experience in seed production supervision, preferably within a similar position.
• Excellent management skills and transparency.
• Analytical, problem solving, planning and resource management skulls
• Ability to work in an inter-cultural context.
• Must be proactive, rigorous and flexible.
• Team player and motivator.
• Proficient user of Microsoft Office Tools
• Fluent English and Kiswahili.

We offer an excellent remuneration package and good career evolution possibilities within our company.

Expiring: 30 Dec 2016

Do you have a green education at BSc level and are you looking for a challenging job in Tanzania? We are looking for a Assistant General Manager for our seed production station in Arusha.

What are you going to do?
In Arusha we produce cucumber, melon, tomato and pepper seeds for all the different Enza Zaden stations worldwide.
Together with the General Manager you will make sure that the growth conditions of production crops are optimal and in compliance with quality standards.

In addition to other tasks you will be responsible for:
• The technical systems for crop growth. You are familiar with the latest technologies and able to develop ideas for further improvements.
• Good insight in finances and input for budgets.
• A clear production planning based on incoming orders.
• Active involvement with ICT projects. You will be responsible of the communication with the ICT department of the Dutch head office.

You will be part of the local Management Team and you will supervise local managers

Your power
This position requires someone with an entrepreneurial and practical attitude. Your flexibility and adaptiveness enable you to work with people of a different culture. Furthermore you are able to work independently by taking responsibilities, coming up with ideas and taking initiatives. You have strong communication and managing skills. Finally you are strong at cooperation and you like to work on common goals.

• 3 to 5 years of international working experience, preferably in Africa;
• green education at BSc level;
• crop production knowledge;
• knowledge of machinery used in crop production.

Expiring: 11 Dec 2016
Help Desk Agent (Dutch Speaking) , South Africa

Voor een van s' werelds grootste ICT dienstverlener o.a. gevestigd in Johannesburg Zuid Afrika, zijn wij op zoek naar ICT Klantenservice Medewerkers.

De werkzaamheden bestaan uit het effectief en klantvriendelijk afhandelen van vragen over computerproblemen van kantoormedewerkers van een Nederlandse bank. Momenteel is onze opdrachtgever op zoek naar medewerkers die zowel de Nederlandse als de Engelse taal zeer goed beheersen. Na een gedegen training ga je aan de slag op een van de projecten van onze opdrachtgever als Helpdesk Medewerker. Je doet relevante buitenlandse werkervaring op terwijl je woont in een van de mooiste landen ter wereld!

- Je bent serieus en houdt van avontuur
- Je bent klantgericht en beschikt over goede contactuele eigenschappen
- Je beheerst de Nederlandse taal uitstekend (schrijven en spreken)
- Je spreekt vloeiend Engels
- Je bent bereid om minimaal een jaar in Zuid-Afrika te wonen
- Je bent bij voorkeur direct beschikbaar

- Voor onze opdrachtgever, een wereldwijd opererende ICT-marktleider, die haar Servicedesk in Zuid-Afrika heeft gevestigd, zijn wij op - zoek naar kandidaten die vanuit Zuid-Afrika kantoormedewerkers telefonisch ondersteuning bieden bij het oplossen van hun computerproblemen.

- Een professionele werkomgeving bij een gerenommeerd bedrijf
- Een uitgebreid trainingsprogramma
- Werkvergunning wordt geregeld
- Je wordt geholpen met het vinden van huisvesting
- Retourticket wordt vergoed
- Marktconform salaris 10.700 Rand bruto (ca. 9.425 Rand netto)

Ben je geinteresseerd? Stuur je profiel in het Engels door via de knop 'I'm interested'.

Expiring: 11 Dec 2016
Production Manager Propagation and Quality , Uganda

For our client who is a specialist in horticulture we are looking for a Production Manager Propagation and Quality.

Purpose of the position
The holder of this position is responsible for overseeing all the propagation and quality works. He is responsible for decision making in the Propagation and Quality department to ensure safe, continuous and reliable production of cuttings to the Project.

Summary of essential job functions (List of Key responsibilities of the Jobholder)
• Lead Propagation and quality Sections to success.
• Lead the team in a manner that drives high levels of motivation and performance.
• Provide technical support and insight to the team in order to ensure strong performance against the production goals.
• Leading Team so that there is an organisation culture of shared responsibility for Hygiene, Quality, phyto and Safety.

Area of Responsibility
1. Lead Propagation and quality Sections for production success
Action Steps
1.1 Communicate with GM and agree production goals that are responsive to end customer requirements and realistic for the company to achieve

Success Criteria/Measures
• Good communication is maintained as measured by feedback from head office
• Clear production goals negotiated and agreed

1.2 Approve production schedules and communicate to the team
• Each individual in the team provided with clear goals and expectations

1.3 Support the team to collect and analyse production figures and other management information and communicating it to the team and management
• Data and analysis is comprehensive and accurate with valid analysis
• GM is reliably provided with the information/reports they require (on time and to standard)

1.4 Act as the bridge between GM/Management and the team, ensuring that clear communication and good relationships are maintained
• Team is responsive to production and management Requirements
• Propagation and quality teams are provided with a learning culture and not a blame culture

1.5 Ensure that protocols and standards in place are followed to ensure sustainability of the business
• Qualification for certificates (Fair Trade; MPS etc)
• Audit results indicate a good level of performance.
• Good quality results

2. Provide technical support and insight to the team in order to ensure strong performance against the production goals

2.1 Coach, guide coordinate the Propagation and Quality Team to build their technical skills and competence
• Quality products delivered on time in full

2.2 Supervising and supporting the team to ensure the health, hygiene and productivity of the plants
• Production targets are met with minimal dead plants/waste (aiming for zero premature death)

2.3 Supervising and supporting the head of quality and propagation to ensure that staff are deployed and supervised effectively and that harvesting is conducted to high standards
• Quality products harvested to correct quantities and quality

3. Ensure all rooting protocols are in place, developed and Maintained.

3.1 Ensure all growing protocols are updated and known to all staff.
• All protocols are up to date and known to staff.
• Documentation in place.

3.2 Put in place a system that ensures all protocols are maintained and followed.
• All protocols are supported and followed.
• Positive client feedback about good quality.

4. With GM Develop and maintain A quality management system (QMS) which is a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting client requirements satisfaction.

4.1 Monitoring compliance with standards established by the company one.
• Ensure standards are complied with.
• No negative remarks about quality by audit team.

4.2 Ensure the whole quality process is followed as per set the companies guidelines through effective controls.
• Feedback from auditors.

4.3 Maintaining QMS policies and procedures, evaluating their effectiveness, and supporting QM Initiatives.
• Evaluation report submitted periodically showing progress and challenges in the QMS.

4.4 Overseeing performance of quality teams as designated.
• All queries relating QMS are addressed and guidance given.
• Feedback from GM.

5. Leading Team so that there is an organisation culture of shared responsibility for Hygiene, Quality and Safety

5.1 Implement standards, protocols and routines that will encourage staff to deliver the correct behaviour
• Ensure that Quality and Hygiene is constantly on the agenda for consideration and discussion
• No negative feedback from the Phyto tours

5.2 Ensuring that staff are trained and coached in relevant topics that will help them to improve hygiene, quality and safety
• Trainings are carried out
• Junior staff talk about what they have learned and implement it in the workplace
• Cases of non-compliance are reduced

5.3 Liaise with the Management in order to ensure the provision of good quality facilities and materials
• Clear goals and targets are negotiated and agreed
• Mutually respectful and open channels of communication are maintained

5.4 Support in the implementation of health, safety and environment initiatives
• Feedback indicates that the staff are being managed to comply with HS&E legislation and company guidelines
• No negative feedback from the Safety tour plus the ‘accident at work file’ from the safety department

6. Lead the team in a manner that drives high levels of motivation and performance
6.1 Liaise with HR Manager to plan the human resource requirements for team and carry out any necessary HR Administration
• Ensure that the company is provided with clear information concerning staff requirements
• Administrative procedures are followed in accordance with HR policies and requirements

6.2 Ensuring each member of the team is provided with clear expectations concerning their role, behaviour and performance
• Ensure that behaviour expectations, job descriptions and annual goals are developed and communicated to each team member

6.3 Supporting team members by coaching and problem solving; reviewing their performance and giving both encouragement and constructive corrective feedback
• Ensure that appraisals are done at least once annually
• Identify needs for training & personal development and liaise with HR Manager to ensure provision
• Ensure that propagation team are leading in a way that will drive staff engagement and high performance

6.4 Taking firm action in the case of poor performance; liaising with HR Manager to ensure best practise is followed
• Ensure that HR Department is timely provided with clear and accurate information on staff performance

Expiring: 20 Jan 2017
Deputy Team Leader (m/f) , Egypt

Concept Feasibility Studies have been prepared in Qena and Assiut Governorate for this Programme. The general objective of the National Solid Waste Management (NSWM) Programme Egypt - Investment Programme in Qena and Assiut - is the Preparation and implementation of SWM investments in the following fields:
- Collection and transport systems
- Sorting/MRFs
- Composting plants
- Transfer stations
- Sanitary landfills
- Dumpsite rehabilitation
- Establishment and functioning of SWM Units in both Governorates
- Development and review of master plans of Qena/Assiut, including provision of capacity building for the establishment of functioning SWM Units
- Support of these SWM Units in their work with local governments, support of their primary collection activities and introduction of new economic instruments

Job Descripition:
- Establishing functioning SWM Units within the Governorates
- Develop strategic master plans for all waste streams
- Identification of immediate priority SWM measures
- Support M&E of services
- Implement and evaluate operator models for primary collection and recycling
- Prepare economic instruments for Governorates and local level
- Prepare detailed design and tender documents
- Supervision of construction works and supplies contracts
- Defects notification
- Financial management

Detailed Requirements:

University degree in Civil engineering and/or environmental engineering with a specialization in solid waste management and preferably in capacity building.

Country/Regional experience:
Regional working experience in Egypt and/or MAGHREB countries.

English and Arabic

- Several years of working experience in SWM and/or other environmental sectors
- Management of infrastructure, engineering or similar complex projects in Egypt and/or in MENA region
- Working successfully with public authorities, including Ministries, regional and local governments, with communication skills that foster cooperation and partnership building
- Institutional and organizational development, capacity development
- Previous working experience with KfW or GIZ programmes or projects is also desirable
- Working within interdisciplinary teams of experts, including good interpersonal and conflict resolution skills

Expiring: 16 Jan 2017
Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) Officer , Uganda

The East Africa Youth Inclusion Program (EAYIP) Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) Officer, reporting to and under the guidance of the EAYIP Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) Manager, will provide MLE technical support to function across the Country program and, as such, work in close collaboration with respective EAYIP consortium partners and their M&E leads with the view to support the country program on MLE function. To this end, he/she will provide technical assistance; advice and training on key aspects of MLE to shape the overall EAYIP’s country framework and ensure that key outcomes are properly monitored/tracked, documented. She/he will also work with the team to build capacity on the use of data and indicators; analyze monthly data, and support training in quality assurance methods. The Officer will lead the process working with partners in strengthening the partners Information System, prepare periodic reports and promote programmatic learning.

Essential Character Traits:
Respect, accountability, courage, excellence, analytical ability, interpersonal skills and proactive problem solving.

(including approximate percentage effort)

1. Program Effectiveness (50%)
- Drive the Implementation of MLE framework and plan in EAYIP at Country level.
- Provide technical support for implementing MLE plan to ensure meaningful information systems are in place to capture data to feed into management decisions.
- Responsible for data analysis
- Recommend steps for strategic adjustments and steps and provide follow up to implementation based on data captured through MLE framework and plan.
- Responsible to ensure quality data is captured through the MLE system and incorporating adjustments as needed.
- Responsible for building MLE capacity
- Data Quality Assurance

- Prepare and consolidate reports as per donor requirements and MLE plan
- Maintain data management system at country level
- Play an active role in the development of a comprehensive M&E plan for EAYIP including development of approaches, process, tools, schedules, among others.
- Coordinate implementation of M&E activities as described by the M&E plan including assisting the Country Program Manager in preparing and disseminating relevant reports.
- Coordinate MLE activities between researches, evaluators and internal MLE staff.
- Working with the MLE Manager designing tools required as per MLE plan such as surveys, tracking sheets, FGD’s, along with the respective implementation guidelines
- In collaboration with MLE Manager organize periodic evaluation and progress monitoring events by involving partners
- In collaboration with different units, periodically monitors the quality of data collected and reports produced
- Conduct data analysis to meet MLE plan
- Develop recommendations based on data analyzed
- Collect and compile the case stories and success stories related to program activities
- Support the program team to incorporate key learnings in the upcoming plan and program.
- Undertake data quality assessments of programmatic data to ensure quality standards are achieved

2. Accountable for knowledge and Information Management and Reporting at country Office level.(30%)
- Document key outcomes, based on data collect
- Coordinate knowledge sharing and reflection activities to identify lessons through implementation practices and dat

- Develop knowledge management activities, identify lessons and other information that could be shared with partners and key stakeholders
- Document the learning and best practices in the EAYIP
- Provides data deemed important for concept paper or proposal development

3. Management and Compliance (10%)
- Provide overall leadership in developing and maintaining project database at country level.
- Prepare and consolidate monthly, quarterly, mid-term and annual reports.
- Coordinate annual project reviews and planning workshops and assist the Country Program Manager in preparing and disseminating relevant reports.

- Maintain a program database at country level as per the MLE framework
- Ensure that information needs at country level are met through the overall MLE framework
- Closely review data and indicators progress to ensure that corrective recommendations are provided on a timely basis
- Maintains accurate information in project database as well as accurate and timely electronic files.
- May perform other job-related responsibilities as assigned

4. Partnership and Engagement (10%)
- Accountable for knowledge management, learning and sharing
- Provide MLE technical support to partners and stakeholders

- Attend relevant government and partners’ meetings to further develop collaboration and to obtain new methods and ideas in the area of responsibility
- Prepare presentations to foster strong MLE practices
- Provide training on Project MLE requirements
- Provide statistical information for use by partners and HPI
- Keep up to date with developments in MERL, including best practice examples within the country and internationally, and ensure ongoing personal development and learning
- Participate in the documentation and dissemination of lessons learned and best practice

5. May perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Most Critical Proficiencies:
- Innovative, analytical, and solutions oriented
- Demonstrated effective organizing and planning skills;
- Ability to write clear and concise reports and to make effective oral presentations;
- A good understanding of and sensitivity to issues associated with poverty, hunger and the environment, and knowledge of the context in which non-profit organizations operate
- Knowledge of youth workforce development issues, especially in rural communities of the East Africa region
- Good understanding of the different value chains within the agricultural sector
- Knowledge of enterprise development and linkages to poverty alleviation
- Excellent organizational skills, including strong attention to detail
- Proven experience in building the capacity of partner institutions to document and disseminate industry information, manage knowledge, measure progress and plan and advocate within the industry
- Proficient knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, electronic mail (Microsoft Office preferred) and Internet
- Demonstrated proficiency in English, both oral and written
- Ability to work in a team

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:
- Ability to prepare and present documents in a well-designed and attractive format with superior attention to detail
- Ability to understand, appreciate and implement Heifer’s Values-Based Holistic Community Development model
- Demonstrated creativity, ability to think systematically, willingness and ability to incorporate innovative solutions
- Quantitative and qualitative approaches to evaluation and ability to communicate MLE concepts clearly with leadership, partners, and staff at all levels
- Willingness and ability to assign and review the work of direct reports and to use participatory management skills with junior and senior staff
- Proven team leadership and supervisory skills with the ability to train and work cooperatively with a diverse staff, including field staff in various locations
- Constant face-to-face, telephone and electronic communication with colleagues and the general public
- Willingness and ability to travel extensively throughout EAYIP project sites in Tanzania
- May require constant sitting; working at a computer and focusing for extended periods of time and performing office environment activities while on the road and/or in remote conditions
- Working with sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality
- Ability to manage and execute multiple tasks with little supervision while meeting sometimes inflexible deadlines

Required Experience
Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree in monitoring and Evaluation, Economics and/or Statistics, Social Research or an equivalent with an academic focus on Monitoring and Evaluation plus three (3) years of direct relevant experience in MLE management of large-scale projects.

Preferred Requirements:
- Solid MLE experience, gained in working in the development context
- Demonstrated social research experience
- Experience in supporting and monitoring field-based programs in the country
- Proven experience in staff and partner training
- Experience in developing field data collection tools
- Experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection
- Experience in developing MLE plans
- Demonstrated experience in data analysis
- Report writing

Position Type

Job Level
Associate Specialist

Closing Date

Expiring: 16 Jan 2017